Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rock and Roll

What a weekend. Yesterday was the horse show that had to run. In may we had 80 entries. Yesterday? We had 17. A lot of barns just released from quarantine. It was fine with me. I was able to get my stuff done and get out of there by 2pm to run out and take an equine first aide class and visit Denali. 

The first aid class was great, as always. I always learn something (re-learn, it's hard to remember everything!) It's great to have such a resource so close. Plus, I love Denali's vet, so it's nice to be able to spend time with her. I have taken on the role of event planner for the center and am in the process of planning my first event. More on that at the end of this blog!

Denali saw me while I was at the class (haven't seen her since May 31st, mother of the year I am NOT!) I couldn't leave class to go so hi, so she stood staring at me. After class I went to say hi and got the butt. I ran to go help with one of the rescue horses and then went back up to see Denali. She forgave me (read: I had carrots) and happily followed me around after her treat. I decided to take her out to hand graze. She's lost some weight and you can see her ribs again. The vet is upping her food. We got some better hay, so that should help. Denali still has some scabs on her leg from scratches. I was trying to check out how they were feeling and she decided to kick. I don't know how I have the ninja skills I do, but I again caught her leg. She hates my trick.

After our grazing trip and ninja practice I ran to work. The vet was doing the shift and I couldn't let her do it herself. It was fun to do the work. When we ran up to feed the hay I couldn't find Denali. She was down in the pond again with 5 or 6 birds hanging out on her back. Look! She's ridable! 3 of them stayed on for a while as she sauntered over to me.

As for the first event. I am planning a "Rock and Roll" party. The center really needs some more gravel and shelters. We are going to try to make it big and get a rock band to pay music in the evening and an art auction or something else. We are also going to have a "rock" party in the afternoon with games and prizes (the field has a ton of rocks and we need to clean them out. Might as well have fun while we do it.) I am trying to collect horse things (or non-horse things) to use as raffle prizes. Let's say you're looking at a horse catalogue and see something that is great, but you don' need.  Consider making a donation to the NWESC by buying and mailing me that item. I will make sure you get a receipt and recognition for your donation. E-mail me at rehabdenali @ for my address (I'm not putting my mailing address out here for the world to see :) Thank you! I will love you forever. I am going to ask local vendors too, but they already get asked by all the local horse things going on.

Edit: If you make a donation of an item to our "Rock and Roll" party I will make and mail you a custom tail bag. OR I can make you a banner for your blog. :)

The logo I made (in Paint, lol.)


Kate said...

Love the logo. Very cool!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Good luck with the fundraiser! That logo is adorable!

SprinklerBandit said...

Random idea: in order to enter the raffle, you must collect x amount of rocks. Winning!

Which is to say, I am really good at picking crap up and then I might even have a shot at getting something. :-p When is the most awesome summer party?

Denali's Mom said...

That is the plan SB. Actually, the plan is to hide the raffle tickets in the field and as people clean up rocks they can find tickets. Something like that. Then an award for the largest rock pile picked up.

achieve1dream said...

Wow you're busy lol. I wish I could donate something, but with my husband out of a job I'm terrified to spend anything more than necessary at the moment. Maybe I can contribute to your next event, because that vet clinic sounds amazing. :D Good luck with the party!