Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trailers and Boots

I did barn chores Saturday at the Center, and Sunday at the GWB and the Center. I am sure I was a HUGE help (insert sarcasm). I need to get a new pair of barn boots. The boots I have now are just the heavy duty rubber boots that they use for fishing/hunting/general manly things. By Sunday I had huge blisters all over my toes and bottoms of my feet and walked at a sloth's pace. I give in. I need an actual pair of boots to wear to work. I want something comfortable so that when I'm walking all over I don't get horrible blisters. I don't want my feet to get wet (I live in the PNW, so that is a big problem.) I also don't want them to sweat off. Suggestions for some good barn boots?

Yesterday Ms. April left the Center to go to her horse rescue. I know that I always say it, but I love her. There was just something about her that made her so special to me. It might be that I hear all her naughty stories about running away, biting, kicking and that she doesn't do that to me. The day she put her head into my chest and sighed was when she won me over. I love her. The one woman who works there told me that I'm April's favorite. Made me smile.

She has only been in a trailer one other time, and that time she was in shock. She had to load into a three horse trailer with two other horses already in the trailer. Just being around a trailer makes me so flipping nervous I feel ill. Because April is so sensitive and not quite trusting of everyone I wanted to put her halter on her and take her outside. She was really nervous and so I hopped up in the trailer and encouraged April to come in. She wouldn't budge, but slowly started to move forward. I felt okay until someone was instructed to close the door when she got in. The though of being in a trailer with a horse and the trailer closed put me over the edge. I had to get out. I'm terrified. I felt so bad leaving her with someone that she didn't know, but I wasn't helping her any by being in the trailer. I need to figure out how to get over my intense trailer fear.

I got out and went to the window and talked to her. After a few minutes she got in and we secured the doors. I was really, really sad to see her go. I know she is going to make someone an amazing horse.


Alanna said...

I love bog boots! They can be a little bit hot during the summer but they are the perfect fall/winter/springs boots. :) They are super comfortable and water proof.

Minus Pride said...

You should eat all your meals in the trailer and only be able to get your water in a bucket on the back of the trailer :)
Seriously though, take a book in, read for a while, take your dog in, take a calm horse in, and sit on the other side and read, or eat your lunch...little things!!! Good luck!!!!

starrynights said...

I also get very nervous about trailering horses. I always imagine horrible things happening to the horse or us getting in an accident, etc.

My husband was helping me load a 22 year old TB who hadn't been trailered in 3 or so years. The gelding flipped out, with my husband still inside the trailer! My husband was somehow able to avoid getting trampled to death before we cut the leadrope and the gelding came flying backwards out of the trailer. Just some bruises and a minor cut to one finger. I seriously had visions of my husband getting KILLED in that trailer.

I'm telling you this because you were right to get out of the trailer. You should NEVER be in a closed trailer with a horse. Especially one not experienced with trailering. That's why I think slant loads are actually more dangerous than a straight load. People walk into the trailer with the horse and put themselves in stupid dangerous situations. So I think your fear of trailering is actually a smart self preservation instinct. JMHO.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I think the brand MUCK BOOTS are hands down THE best. easy to hose off, keep clean..totally industruc and comfortable. I LOVE mine.

achieve1dream said...

I can't find any boots that my feet don't sweat in. :( They even sweat in running shoes lol. Good luck on your search.

I knew a horse like April. He was ugly to everyone except me, including his owner. It made me feel so special. Even now I still love and miss that horse. Maybe you can get updates on her.

I don't know what to tell you about the trailer phobia. I have several phobias (spiders, vomiting, etc.) and I haven't found anything that works. :( If you find something let me know.