Thursday, June 23, 2011


Wow, what a week.

School ended on Tuesday. It was bittersweet. My kids were not as hard as I've had in the past, but lots of adult stress made this year harder on me than normal. I think my November stress, my ProCert took up a ton of my time only to get this in the mail. Pop Quiz: What's wrong? 

I promise that I haven't done anything to this other than cross out my name and my ID number. You can't make this stuff up. I thought about correcting it and sending it back in, but decided against it for now.

The last two days have been full of bliss! I got to spend time standing in a field with Denali. Nothing better. She is such a funny mare. She did her protective thing again. She stood between me and the mare that often tries to kick and bite me. She kept her away from me. I don't know if she's trying to protect me, or if she's saving me so she can beat me up. She lets other horses come up to me, but not the two who often turn on people.

Yesterday I became the communications person for the center. I'm really excited about this opportunity. I am in charge of the e-mail and the Facebook page. I love keeping busy, which often stresses me out, but I also get stressed if I'm not. I think good stress is good.

Today I had a lesson for the first time in I don't know how long. The last lesson I was suppose to have lasted such a short period of time I don't know if it really counts. T-48 hours until the show. I somewhat remember A, but B is foggy. I am going to beg a friend to come and call it for me. My ride today went a million times better than I imagined. We had some really nice 20 meter circles, some of my best ever. We also had some that resembled triangles. I only have two goals for Saturday (you can only have two goals when you haven't ridden in 9 months.)

Goal 1: Stay on horse.
Goal 2: Stay in arena.

The Paint Mare shares the pasture with the Morgan. When I went to get the Paint Mare I was trying to organize the halter when the Morgan came up and put her nose into it. It was so cute. I felt bad for her. When I was done with my ride I went back out and the Morgan was laying down. I took her some treats and started scratching her neck. She rolled over on her back like a dog and I laughed so hard that I snorted. That startled her and she got up.

Hope all is well in your worlds! 


Kelly said...

LOVE the typo :) I work in a school also, so know how it goes.

Sending good luck thoughts your way for the upcoming show - just be sure to give the judge a big cheesy smile at your last halt at X. My trainer swears that makes all the difference!

Karen said...

lol wow. what a typo. I think I might send it back in, too. :)

Jill said...

Nice of them to spell elementary wrong! :)

Good luck at the show!!!

Muddy K said...

State of American education. That's hysterically funny in a gargling-with-glass kind of sense.

WishIHadAHorsey said...

Good luck with your show, I know you will do great! PS, I can't figure out what is wrong with the card :(

achieve1dream said...

Aww too cute about the Morgan and congrats on the awesome lesson!!

What's wrong with the teacher thing? I'm either dumb or blind lol.

Heidi said...

OMG, that's funny and ironic!

Tervpack said...

So you're qualified to teach trees? Well, elms anyway!

Tervpack said...

So you're qualified to teach trees now? I did not know elms needed teaching. Now I've learned something.

achieve1dream said...

Haha now I get it! I guess I was skimming. I never even noticed the typo. :)