Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, Thursday

The pony in my wordless Wednesday is the vet's pony from Veterinary school. He is one of the reasons she created the Center where Denali lives. I don't know 100% of the facts, but I believe he was her surgery pony, and he was suppose to be put down (like the rest of them) after a surgery. Instead she took him. :) He is a sweet boy and I love him. She has students come to the Center from her old Vet School to assist in surgeries so that no ponies need to have un-needed surgeries and suffer. I love her.

In other news, I think that Denali and I are having a contest to see who can be lame the longest. I started having hip pain in April with lots of odd problems, but I just ignored it...and ignored it...then I went to PT for my knee, and mentioned to her my hip pain....and then did nothing. This week I've been sitting in a training and my hip started to hurt, and then I went lame. I finally caved and went to the doctor's today. At first I got really frustrated because they were running so late and my hip hurt so freaking bad and then quickly life reminded me to be thankful for what I have, even if it hurts.

The person in front of me was an older woman who had no hair and looked so weak. I would wait for weeks if it would heal her from what I assume is cancer. The person in front of her was a quadriplegic. He was hit on his bike 4 months ago. I would wait for months for him to have feeling again. Life always reminds me to be thankful, always. Even if something is bad, not going the way it is suppose to, or doesn't work out, it could always be worse. ALWAYS. 

I finally got in and I still need x-rays but she suspects one of two things. A. I fractured my hip in November (they never xrayed it.) or B. (Something else that I don't remember because I stopped listening to her once she mentioned needles into my hip.) Maybe God sent Denali to me because he knew we both have problems.

If you get a chance today go over to Abbie's blog The Chronicles of Ernest and give her your sympathies. Ernest was let go from this world earlier this week. Also, Muddy K, who writes A Fearsome Beauty  (and who was so good to me when Denali was sick) lost one of her sweet 4 legged babies today too. Rest in Peach Malden. I think this blogging community is amazing and you are all so good at cheering each other up when we're down.

Happy 4th of July. I am going camping (yes, with bum hip) and won't be near a computer. I plan on spending Monday with the ponies trying to keep them calm. What do you do during fireworks? I'm especially interested in those of you who have ponies in pastures.


Lisa said...

Fireworks... I HATE them. My neighbors let off fireworks right over my paddock last new years and my horses escaped and nearly got hit by a truck, and were missing for over 12 hours. I wrote a blog about it on the 10th January but my stupid iPhone won't let me post the link...

I hope all the ponies are well behaved and stay put for your fourth July fireworks!

achieve1dream said...

I understand that things can always be worse and that we all need to appreciate what we have, but I really despise that saying "it could always be worse" because I think that is my state's motto or something. Anytime someone asks how I'm doing (and I'm not the type to lie and say good if I'm not unless I'm at work) I tell them what's going on, the good and the bad. If it's bad they always, ALWAYS say 'well it could be worse' in a flippant manner as they go on about their business. And 2011 has been a really crappy year so every time someone said that and things got worse I began to think the stupid saying was a curse LOL! So my boss and I made up a new saying "it could always be better!" and crazy as it sounds as soon as I started thinking that things started getting better. :D Gotta love the power of positive thinking.

Anyway sorry for that long, crazy, probably boring story. Sorry about your hip. That really sucks. When are you getting it xrayed? I thought a fracture would have healed by now? Or do they stabilize hip fractures somehow?

Enjoy your camping trip and update us as soon as you know something. I'll pray that it's nothing serious.

Denali's Mom said...

I would think that the fracture would be healed too. I don't think it's broken.:) I have steel bones!