Monday, November 30, 2009


Look what i finally figured out after, oh? a year! Lol. I'm pretty excited!

The vet comes out tomorrow to give Denali her follow up appointment for her treatment of EPM. She was labeled a "Grade 1" by the vet over a month ago. The vet said with treatment she could improve 1 whole grade. She never was truly "affected" as many people read about. But Denali just misplaced her feet. I didn't think anything was wrong with her, but Denali backs straighter than ever now. She looks so good now! She's lost some muscle, but I just can't get out everyday.

I think I've mentioned it before, but Denali's meds were only $900.00 (for 5 weeks of treatment) vs. $1000.00 (for 4 weeks of treatment) from the vet. I got her meds from SO EASY!! And so cheap! Just to throw that out there for others who may need to buy meds!

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