Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 steps forward, 30 back

I'm exhausted, I'm stressed, and those two things don't help my general mood.

Tuesday the vet came back out to give Denali another shot of Reserpine. One of it's side effects is diarrhea and boy did she have diarrhea. This time it was 10X worse than last time. I got to the barn last night and checked on her. She looked pretty bad, and was all sunken in.

I let Ms. D relax and decided to go ride the Morgan. I had an AMAZING ride on the Morgan. It was awesome and I actually felt like I was doing everything right for once.

About 9:00 I went to check on Ms. Denali again, and she hadn't drank any water and then I noticed she hadn't gone to the bathroom at all in the 4 hours I had been at the barn. I went into crazy horse owner mode and went to find a stethoscope and couldn't hear any gut sounds. That's when I noticed that she was kicking at her gut. I grabbed her halter and checked gums, they were pale and there was minimal capillary response. I called the emergancy number and no one called back (turns out that the page didn't go through.) I decided that I'd try to text my vet's number JUST in case she'd answer it. Thank GOD she did! At this point it was 10:15 and she assured me that she should be okay and that she'd be out ASAP, but to try some Banamine first and see if it helps her calm down. She told me to give it to her and wait an hour to see if it helped her to relax. LUCKILY it did, and she drank a little water. I have to say that after 12 hours I have never been so freaking happy to hear that my horse pooped!!

Long, long night and long day. Just wanted to give everyone a Denali update. Surgery still on for the 1st.


Beth said...

The love hate relationship with manure is pretty interesting in horse people. I don't believe dog or cat people sit there watching their animals pooping to see how it looks. Just one of our charms. :)

So in that spirit, I am SO happy to hear Denali pooped :)

Anonymous said...

Very scary - glad you were checking on her!

SprinklerBandit said...

Yikes! I'm glad Denali is ok.

Hooray for a good ride, though.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Ugh..colic sucks!! I'm sorry you are dealing with this but there has to be good news soon!!!
I'm sure riding the mighty M helps lessen some of the stress.

Leah Fry said...

I feel like the colic queen after going through Jaz's bought with strongyles.

Does Denali get grass minerals? I add it to their feed and I think it helps Jaz drink more. I also have a mineral block and a white salt block. It's to blasted hot here to take chances on my little man's not drinking enough.

Sure hope she gets to feeling better. I know how worried you must be.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy... Glad she pooped, hope she continues to improve! A trick I use to make sure Hiney gets enough water down is bt watering down her suppliment bucket. I put in about 2 cups of a complete feed, her multi vitimine and other suppliments and add about a gallon and a half or two gallons of water. It took her some getting used to but she loves them now. Glad you had a good ride on the MM.

Frizzle said...

Boy, that horse does a great job of keeping you on your toes! ;-) Glad to hear she's alright.
My personal "secret" to getting horses to drink more is Horse Quencher ( -- it gets 'em every time! Great to hae around just in case, especially now that it's summer. Plus, it comes in all kinds of fun flavors, like butterscotch and root beer.