Thursday, June 17, 2010

D Day

As in Denali day. Today is the day the vet comes out to give us an update. I was such a nervous wreck last night at the barn trying to figure out how she's doing on my own. She still has a horrible limp. That can't be good. She was in good spirits though, so that's good. She looks thinner to me, which doesn't make much sense because all she does is eat. UGH. Horse, why are you so complicated! She has no muscle tone at all, her top line is totally gone and her butt jiggles when she walks.The continuation of Denali's construction work. I can't even get the board to go the whole way back down. UGH DENALI!! You have more stall toys than you know what to do with, can't you play with those!! MUST you lift up the board to see what's going on? You're so nosey!!
My skinny, lame, no muscled horse. Now imagine this build but 200 pounds underweight. That's what she looked like when I came back from Denmark.

This is our WONDERFUL present from Kristen and Laz over at Sweet Horses Breath. Laz sent it to Denali (and now she thinks they're engaged, watch out Laz!) to help keep the evil spirits away! It worked well for them! I tried to hang it IN her stall, I put it far up in a corner that would be hard for her to reach it since it's glass. God, I'm so dumb! She figured out that it was in there and decided to risk killing herself to see if it was food.... now it hangs on the front of her stall. Thank you so much Kristen and Laz!! We love it!

I'm so not ready for the show. I've tried memorizing my pattern for Saturday. I think I have it down, but in all honestly it isn't going to be pretty. My head and heart just weren't in it yesterday and our ride sucked. I have been using my Back On Track pad on the Morgan Monster, but it's black, so I switched to a white pad (not back on track.) I can totally notice a difference in her back. It takes forever for her to loosen up and start to use it. Ugh. I love my Back on Track pad, it's awesome. Hopefully Denali gets to use it. I owned it for a whole week when Ms. D got hurt. No teasing! My ride is at 9. I'm hoping your right Jay, and that the judges will be more lenient the first ride. I can only imagine what my score card will say in comments! Gulp!

Still playing with the layout. What do you think?

Need to focus. Think good thoughts for Nawlers!


Capilet said...

Big hugs to you and Ms D. I hope the vet appt goes well. Our scary one for our EMS/IR gelding went well and turned out we just had to go the Adequan route (he's 18 after all).

You can show in your black pad if you need to, I am. Cay will be in a black pad with light blue piping--which matches my polo. I'm channelling my former eventer self apparently.

As far as cramming for the test, have you tried printing out the arena and the test and putting it by your monitor? Every time I take a break for my eyes, or whatever, I run through the test on that little printed up arena. It works great! Our friend Ally also will actually walk/jog the test in a small rectangular space, which works better for her.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck - you'll do fine as long as you remember to breathe! Hope the vet appointment goes OK.

Miles On Miles said...

Wow you have a lot going on!! I hope the vet had positive things to say-you guys deserve a break in the bad news department.
LOVE the new layout!

Beth said...

Crossing hooves that all is well with Denali!

About the comment sheet, remember that all the comments are there to help you get better. You'll be fine but if you mess it all up, the world will not end, you will just practice get even better and try it again. :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Laz is happy to have a jiggly butt girl. We are sending all our good thoughts and hope you get some good plans for bringing her back sound.
Good luck at the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

oh layout rocks...inspired me to revamp ours a bit!

sanjeet said...

Good luck - you'll do fine as long as you remember to breathe!
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