Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lessons Learned

Our barn's ribbons

This is going to be long winded. Get some coffee or a snack and have a seat!!

I'm so tired. It's always interesting that I'm willing to wake up at 4:45am to go to a horse show, but would bitch at my husband if he even mentioned waking up before 7 am.

Yesterday was our second show, and our first actual show since last weeks was a schooling show. I did not have proper riding coat/shirt so Friday night, after all the tack stores (all two of them) closed my husband and I went to Value Village in hopes of finding a suitable alternative. Value Village is like Goodwill. We walked around the store and I found a black jacket that looked nice and was only $10.00. It fit almost perfect, and so for a whole $14.00 I had my new show outfit. I had never heard of the brand, so when we got home I googled the name: ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA and come to find out the jackets start at $300.00 new and go up. Most I found were $1,200. It might not be a dressage jacket, but it's fancy! I had a few complents on it at the show.

Oh the show. It was dress up, fancy show so I will blame that for not doing as well. :) In reality, I kept bouncing my hands. We did Walk/Trot Equitation, 15 and over and Open. We also did Walk/Trot Pleasure 15 and over and Open. I decided at the last minute to give trail a try too. It was a fun day.

In our first class we got 2nd place. I was excited, but thinks sort of went down hill from there. Our second class The Morgan kept breaking into a trot, so I'm not sure exactly what I was doing with my body. I have a bad habit of pushing with my seat. I got that from Yukon. We got 4th place. In our Pleasure classes....Oh Pleasure... We probably would have done better if the Morgan's ears were not glued on backwards. Seriously, pinned the entire time. She always does it, and it's just her personality. They are not pinned in a mean way, just back. We got 4th and 5th in those classes. Ophie and her mom got first!!! I was so excited for them! Especially since Ophie threw a shoe on Friday night and our amazing farrier came out at 9pm to fix it. They also got Reserve High Point! It was great. We got 5th in trail, not so great, but the ribbon was hot pink so that makes me smile.

Lots to work on for me and the Morgan. She is use to toting around sma
ll children. One thing is she definently likes me. I stopped by today to give a quick visit to Ms. D on my way home from my working student position, and saw that the Morgan's braid was still in (opps!) I went over to the fence and she nickered at me. She's not a very loving horse (much like Ms. D) so it made me happy that she at least showed some interest in me. Speaking of Ms. D, Like her remodeling of her stall? She lifts that board up so she can watch what's going on down the aisle way in the barn. HA!

Today was my husband's last Sunday in Seattle. We woke up early and went for a day hike. To give you an idea of how that went this is me walking though a waterfall in freezing cold water. Where there wasn't a waterfall there was snow, lots and lots of snow!! It was hilarious. I usually hate hiking, but this was just too wild to hate. Let me just say. That water was FREAKING COLD!!!!

I'm done babbling for now. The vet comes out next Saturday. I'm so ready for this appointment. I hate not having a plan. Speaking of Denali and the vet I wanted to personally thank those of you who have donated to Denali's Pegasus Fund. I signed in to my paypal the other day and we have almost $400.00!! It made me super excited, but we wouldn't have that if it wasn't for you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thank you Jay, Thank you Becky, Thank you Rachel, Thank you Karla, Thank you Nardi, Thank you Kari, Thank you Jacqueline, Thank you Nicole, Thank you Jennifer. Thank you!!!


Laura Maynard said...

Sounds like your show was a lot of fun! Congrats on a good day and some really good ribbons too :)

Does Denali seriously lift that board? That's impressive... lol

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Good for you for showing again and that hike looks awesome!!!

Denali's Mom said...

Laura, she totally lifts that board the entire way up. Not cribbing, just trying to see what's going on.

Kristen, it was awesome!!

Miles On Miles said...

Ohhhhh, I love that hot pick ribbon! Congratulations:)

Anonymous said...

The hot pink ribbon made me smile too! I don't think I'd have the guts to cross that waterfall! Looks like a pretty good fall of you were to lose your footing! Oh, and I love finding awesome deals like that! Well done all around!

sanjeet said...

Sounds like your show was a lot of fun!
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