Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I just got my ride time for Saturday. I go first!! I was hoping to follow in the foot prints of someone else for the 20 meter circle! GULP!! This is going to be bad, very, very bad!! I'm going to hope that no one else will be there. If you're doing the same show, and I know two of you are ;0) whatever you do DO NOT FOLLOW IN MY TRACKS!! My Morgan Monster and I have a geometric deficit. We can't make a 20 meter circle to save our lives!!

UGH. The husband left for Alaska today (insert loud booing here) but that means I can practice with the pony the rest of the week. Interesting will also be switching her bit. The first show we used a loose ring snaffle. The last show I used a Kimberwick to have better control, but can't use that! I'm hoping that my boucher will work for her. I need to go ride tonight and see what her thoughts on life are!! Downfall of riding a lesson horse, she tries to go through the motions so that she can be done. Ms. Monster it's 6 minutes of your life. Please be good!!


Laura Maynard said...

On the bright side, since you go first you have the coolest (temp-wise) ride!

Jay Jennings said...

Actually the first ride is usually the best place to be. The judges are usually a little more lenient on their scoring for the first run.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine - first is a good spot - the ring is perfect, the judges are paying attention and then you can relax and watch the other rides. Good luck!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I think first is good b/c then your nerves dont have time to develop when u get there...u get out, rock your 6 minutes and set the tone! :)
Get pics or tape footage and BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!! :)
Most of all...have fun on that Morgan pony!
Oh..btw, saw a bumper sticker that I thougth u should have.
It reads "OTTB-Ride an off the track TB-finish your dressage test faster" LOL!!

sanjeet said...

The judges are usually a little more lenient on their scoring for the first run.
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