Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nervous Wreck

Sleepy Denali hand-walking this morning. She's not a morning person either!

I was fine. I really was fine up to now. Now. Now I'm a nervous wreck. So much so that Opheila's mom's boyfriend joined me in my run to the gas station this evening and sequential consumption of over 50 grams of fat (Sugar Wafers are evil!!) I'm a nervous wreck and I hate it. When I'm nervous I eat. Boo.

Denali was a good girl today. I hand walked her to wear her out, then gave her a bath. She didn't move a muscle. Poor thing, she was so happy to be out of her stall she'd do anything for attention. I got to the barn at 11 and just hung out with Ms. Denali. We had her wrapped and

loaded by 1:30 and were on our way. It was the first time that Ms. Denali balked at the trailer door. She knew something was up and she wasn't going to be a fool. BUT the sweet smell of hay overcame her and she gave in. She was good girl the whole way to Pilchuck.

We got there and I had to give them her medical history. I chuckled nervously as I wrote everything down. The surgeon came out and talked with me and my trainer. She was very nice and walked out with me to get Denali. Denali is great at loading, and trailering, but once it stops she wants out. Now. I opened the trailer and went inside. She tried to back out as soon as i released the divider (I don't know what to call it, it is a 4 horse slant load, so the thing that holds her in place.) She was all tense and I was at least a little confident knowing that as I pet her and talked to her I could feel some of the tension leaving her back. Eventually she calmed down enough that we could back out of the trailer without killing one of us. The vet tech tried tot take her from me, but I asked if I could walk her to her stall. Denali does really well with people she knows and trusts, but sometimes, SOMETIMES, she freaks out and every time she has she has gotten hurt.

The surgeon wasn't sure what exactly is going on with her leg. The xrays show one thing, but I guess from the outside it shows another. She talked about the tests that she wants to do on Denali. I thought to myself "Yeah, those are all great and all, but if you don't cut her open I'm going to have to pay for those because my insurance won't!" I'm a horrible person. All I know is that the surgeon told me that the quote is $3,500 and that is a low estimate. Great, just freaking great!

Ms. Slew weighs in at a whole 1,180 pounds. I wonder what she weighed before she lost all her muscle. She was a very good girl and made a friend with a pretty warmblood mare next door to her.

Denali settled in very quickly into her stall, and quickly made it known that she was in heat. She stood there with her tail flipped up and kept peeing. Oh Denali, must you be a hussy? I reminded Denali that she wasn't there to be bred, kissed her on her nose and left her. Now I'm sitting her waiting for the surgeon to call me to tell me their game plan for tomorrow. I think I'm going to be sick.

Also, Denali and I want to send a get well to Pia who seems to have almost as much luck as Denali does! Pia is having her own spa treatment (for the second time in a month) tomorrow too. Pia and Denali seem to have the same outlook on life in general. Maybe it's a good thing that they are at two different hospitals! :)

Wheres yous goin?


Anonymous said...

Keeping fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Well? Any word yet?