Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Supplement Help!

Supplements. I'm trying to figure out what to put Denali on, what she needs, etc. I've decided to do smartpaks since it jsut seems so much easier!

here's what I'm thinking:

SmartCalm Ultra
SmartE Natural Vitamin E

I currently have her on Trifecta, which hasnt' done a lot for her joints. She still sounds like a rice krispe treat sometimes. I feel like a lot is missing here. The reason I went for the SmartB1 and the SmartCalm Ultra is that if you add those supplements together they are equal to ExStress and less money. There's also not enought vitamins, so I need to pick something out. UGH! I usually LOVE supplement shopping, but I'm spent! Ideas anyone? I also need Biotin for the feet!

Anyone want to shop for me?


Jay Jennings said...

My TB Tweek gets: Supper Supplements LMF (vitamins), Triflex or Aniflex GL (joint sup - aniflex is very well priced and works well for her) and ground flax seed.

The mare and ultra calm haven't had much effect on her. We cut out all the high sugar grains and alfalfa; she has been much calmer.

Kate said...

B1 is good. I've had some luck with Mare Magic - inexpensive and just plain raspberry leaves (there's a tasty human tea made of the same).

Laura Maynard said...

I absolutely love SmartPaks and so does my barn manager! Panache gets Cosequin, SmartHoof, and SmartShine in her Purina Strategy feed. I'm not sure if the Cosequin really helps or if it just makes me feel good, but I've had her on it since I bought her. I have noticed her hoof wall growth has gotten better with the SmartHoof, so that's a positive. Not convinced yet about the SmartShine, but it certainly isn't hurting anything. If Denali doesn't need grain to keep weight on then maybe you could decrease and/or eliminate that to help her temperment.

Ashley said...

I'm having the same delemma when it comes to joint supplements. Right now Ella is on Farrier's Formula for her feet, she been on it for about 4-5 months and I have already noticed a difference w/ growth and her feet showing more concavity. I didn't think I'd notice a difference but I really have!

From what I've read, Cosequin seems to be one of the only joint supplements that has had a lot of research and tests showing it actually does work. Others might but I haven't found the info. It looks like the main issue w/ the joint supplements is that they have the ingredients needed, but they aren't being absorbed.

I read this blog post http://www.behindthebitblog.com/2010/06/undenatured-collagen-ii-new-research.html and started looking into this side of things. Then I thought maybe I would put Ella on Grand HA for the undenatured collagen and Glucosamine XL plus.

Then I also read on this vet page that if you are feeding her a good quality feed then you shouldn't have to supplement them with vitamins because the feed should be providing all they need...

Who knows... I wish we had the answers! I'll let you know if I find anything good :) I'm trying to get my SmartPak order together as I type this!!

Karla said...

The only supplements Honey gets are Accell (Daily-you get a lot of bang for you buck with it), Psyllium (once a week), and stabilized rice bran (generic brand is just as good as te name brand and = quality, daily). I feed them mixed in about 16oz of A&M or a complete feed and 1.5-2 gal of water.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Yes, cutting out sugary feeds and alfalfa may help her out. If she's consuming a lot of 'sugar' carbs and can't burn them off, she's bound to be a little high strung.
I LOVED ProMotion EQ for joints, etc-here is where I found for cheapest:

Gingham said...

So, Pia's SmartPack is quickly getting longer than my arm.. but she looks stunning and stays healthy on it.. here's her Daily Dose:

Smart Digest Ultra: did you know that 60% of horses on stall rest develop ulcers?? yeah, terrifying, worth its money in my mind.. especially for my Wobbler.

Recovery EQ: I keep her on this for joints and any rehab. It's expensive but if you break down the ingredients you get a lot of bang for your buck. It promotes healing, and I wouldn't dream of going through our next vet procedures without it.

E-5000: Straight Vitamin E, no other vits or minerals. She's on 10,000 IU daily, which in theory helps neurological issues. (yay).

Mare Magic: cause lord knows I need all the help I can get...

Bug Check: Not everyone in the barn is on this, which I know ups it's effectiveness. But Pia is extremely thin skinned and it seems to keep the biting flies off of her without tons of flyspray. no more itchy bumps..

Miles On Miles said...

ohhhh, I both love and hate supplement shopping!
For joints, if money were no object (hahaha), I'd probably have Miles on SmartFlex III. As it is, he has done WONDERFULLY on one scoop of MSM/day (10,000 milligrams, I think? I buy whatever is on sale but it's pretty cheap no matter) and 1/2 to 1 scoop of pure Glucosamine (14,000 milligrams a scoop - this is what I use http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=f35d26bd-0a0b-4271-ac75-9444bb5af2e4 )
I decided to go with large amounts of just a couple of (what I consider) the most important ingredients rather than one or two multi ingrediant supps that don't contain levels as high as that. So far so good-in about 6 weeks he moved like a different horse, and he's got some not so insignificant arthritis in his right front ankle especially.
I really trust all the smart pak supplements though. I've also heard great things about Grand Meadows, which has a great all inclusive formula if you want stuff for hooves as well.

Laura Maynard said...

MSM is a good joint supplement, but like any supplement there can be temperment changes. I switchded to straight MSM for a while to cut my cost (Cosequin before). Panache went absolutely BONKERS on it. She's already a bit on the hot side and is a total drama queen; but the MSM made her almost unrideable. Switched back to Cosequin and problem gone. So once you add supps into the diet keep an eye out for behavior changes.

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