Tuesday, June 1, 2010

T minus 3 days

I'm going to the show on Saturday. Gulp. I think I've ridden the Morgan Monster 8 times in the past three months (if that much) but I just want to get out there and do it. Ophie's mom's boyfriend is going too. It will be both of our first show. He started calling us "Team Green" and I think it fits us. I'm a little nervous (lie: lot nervous) about dealing with other people in the arena. However, I am just going to get out there. As long as they don't ask me to leave the arena I'll be happy. The Morgan Monster is a veteran. She has been to lots and lots of shows, and so I'm not worried about having to deal with her. She was really good for me tonight. I must say getting muscles makes riding much, much easier. I think I did a better job of keeping my hands quiet which has been my major problem.

It's funny. My fear of horses in general is gone. I don't get nervous at all. Except when Ophie is in the cross ties! I'm so afraid that she's going to step back. Tonight I got on the MM (Morgan Monster) and I got nervous, reminded myself that it's the morgan, she won't kill me, and then by the end I was fine. Then I start thinking about the fact that I do not own a Morgan. I own a broken Thoroughbred. Sigh.... I hope that I will be able to ride D with confidence. My lease on the Morgan started today so I plan on getting as much as possible out of it! I want limited fear.

Some other interesting news. I haven't ridden in my field boots since I started working out. Normally they are snug on my calfs and I need to use my zipper pull to get them the whole way up. Well, now they are loose at the top and at the bottom. They still are tight enough around the thickest part of my calf so they stay in place, but it's pretty exciting. My pants are getting loose too. I'm pretty happy. I wouldn't mind them all falling off, except that I can't get new clothes because I can't afford them. :)

Other exciting news. I got hired to teach summer school!! Know what this means?? It means that I am just that much closer to sending Ms. Denali to Pegasus!!! I'm so excited! I found out today at work, and had to spend my day trying to stay calm. I even called and scheduled the vet to come out for MORE x-rays and a sonogram of her right hind. Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching. NOT excited about the money, but oh well. We'll develop our game plan and then go from there. I'm still selling everything of mine that isn't nailed down. So, if you need anything check out my other blog. www.rehabdenali.blogspot.com

Pegasus is a horsey hilton and it is amazing! Pictures do it no justice at all. None! It's the only reason that I'm not totally dreading spending the $1,800. I still can't afford more than 30 days, and that's as long as she doesn't need surgery on her other leg. Oh glory.

Lots to do! Thanks for stopping by! I signed in today and saw that I had 92 followers! WOW! Thanks for joining our ride. I need to update the "readers" blog list! If I don't have your blog posted, and you're a follower please add it to the comments (and tell me how you found us!)

Have a great night!


Ashley said...


I can't really remember how I found yall cuz its been awhile!! My guess is through Eventing A Go-Go's blog or Eye On The Horse. One of the two!!

Love the comments about weight loss! Made me laugh when you said you want them to fall off, but dont because you can't afford new ones! Oh the joys of losing weight!! Keep it up!! I think that alone will give you more confidence when it comes time to get back up on D (that time WILL come!!).

Jess said...


I don't remember how I found you, maybe through Fugly?

I love reading your posts! The Pegasus place looks FANTASTIC! I wouldn't mind spending a month there, myself. Haha =P

Anonymous said...

The Morgan sounds like a real confidence-builder. Have a lot of fun at the show!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I love Morgans..they have TONS of heart. Little powerhouses. GREAT luck on your 1st show! I think that takes mega balls..I suck at showing. I get nervous and fall apart, and used to show a lot growing up and took a vow to stop unless I WANT to and ENJOY it.
Btw, Laz went to the post office today and mailed Denali a little something for her healing. xo

Denali's Mom said...

little is the key word. She is tiny, but mighty! She has no idea she's a smidge over 14 hh. She's a great, safe horse, but is hard to keep in frame. That's my goal, keep her looking like a horse, and NOT looking like I'm riding a giraffe!!

I will update the blog list tonight. I tried to go check them out now (I love new blogs) but my computer is currently running at a snail pace.

I'll tell Denali, I think she's still mad at Laz about the new girlfriend. :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

LOL..what can I say, I think he was gelded late in life. He likes the ladies! ;)
Denali is still his #1 long distance internet love, lol!

Miles On Miles said...


I'm pretty sure I found you on fugly...seems to be a common theme:-)
Congrats on your show, and on summer school-things are looking up! :-)
I'm not courageous enough to put us in a show yet, but I am scribing for the first time at a show at the end of June. I'm nervous enough about that:-)

Gingham said...


I can't remember how I found you the first time, but you are on my must read list! I too am a Seattle-ite who treks east for riding and currently my new mare is undergoing treatment for Wobbler's syndrome. so my blog about getting her up and running as an eventer has literally turned in a rehab blog.. next trip to the hospital is next week for a spinal tap. stall rest is good for our education, right??


gina taylor, OT said...


I think I found you through Evening a Go-Go awhile ago.

Gryph said...

Thank you so much for selling me the three books! Well worth the extra money. :D Gryph and I are both enjoying them. Thank you again!

-Cygnata and Gryph

OTTB-Little Big Red said...

How'd the show go? We showed LBR at the LOPE Charity horse show on Saturday. He did great with the new surroundings (hauled in Friday night, rode in an indoor arena for the first time).

We kicked cute-kid/cute-pony butt in the ground poles class. Okay, we placed 5th out of 12, but those kids/ponies are hard to beat.

Some of them were so tiny that they could walk underneath LBR. He wouldn't let them get near though as he is sure that cute-kids/cute-poines eat middle aged ladies and thoroughbreds for breakfast.

He got "frisky" in the crossrails class so we withdrew after coming to a peacful/calm agreement.

Gary & he did great (calm and cool) in the halter class and LBR loved doing the in-hand trail/obstacle course.