Monday, October 25, 2010

Caution Blood and Swearing (and 400th Post)

So Denali's massage appointment was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled for today. I had a doctor's appointment and then met the massage therapist at my barn around 6. Let's just say it didn't go well.... didn't go well at all...

This my friends is Denali's massage therapist's blood on the floor. Denali decided that she was not pleased with the touching of her legs, and kicked her squarely in the jaw.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

It happened so quick. She showed up and I gave her a bit of Denali history. I mentioned that Denali does kick, but it isn't a daily thing. Well.... about 2 minutes later Denali proved me right. When Denali kicked her in the jaw the girls teeth went through her cheek.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I threw Denali into her stall, and ran for the first aid kit that my husband made for my car. She needed stitches, so there wasn't much in there that would help. I'm just REALLY grateful (as she is too I'm sure) that it wasn't square in the face. That THAT would have been really bad.

After she left she sent me a message about paying half the bill. I asked her if she had health insurance and she said no.

New Rule # 1: all people who work with Slew MUST be insured.

She then sent me another message about paying half the bill. That's when Denali's stall card caught my eye. May I just say I have never been so happy in my entire life that I decided to take out the liability on my horse. I called the insurance company, and for once they were VERY helpful. They told me to have her call them in the morning and they'll take care of it. I LOVE you National Equine Adjusting. I love you so much. You are so much like my horse. When I love you I love you so much, and when I hate you, I fucking hate you. I hope you pull through this time.


It was NOT a good night at the barn. I couldn't even be mad at Denali, she did exactly what a horse would do. She was unpleased and she kicked. One thing about Denali, when she kicks she doesn't miss. I defiantly disciplined her. The girl asked me if she did anything wrong and I truthfully told her she had her head way too close to a hind leg of a horse that kicks.

New Rule #2: I will CONTINUE to yell to the heavens that Denali kicks. I'm just glad I mentioned it this time, but I may make a tee-shirt. It only happens once out of every 50 days or so, but JUST in case.


Best part? Denali was suppose to have another massage person come out on Saturday (I had scheduled this appointment a while ago and I felt bad cancelling it.) I called her after this happened and asked her if she had health insurance and then proceeded to explain that I couldn't be sure that my horse was safe and I didn't want someone else to get hurt. (She didn't have insurance either.) She was very nice and understood. I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts. One issue at a time. Denali is sore, which is why she kicked, but if she's going to kick someone I want that person to have the ability to drug her heavily.

Damn you Denali. I am done doing nice things for you.

The only person who is going to do bodywork on the Marewolf is the holistic vet. She can drug the girl. (I stole the terms marewolf and mareface from Pia's mom, and if you don't read her blog you should. It's HILARIOUS and our horses are so much like each other it's scary. VERY scary.)

In other news yesterday I won a photo session for Denali, along with some art at an Art auction for a local rescue. It was SO MUCH FUN. When Denali is not being a pain in the butt I will get photos taken. Maybe we can use them for her Most Wanted Posters. I'll write more about it when I'm not so pissed at ponykins trying to suck money out of me.


Amanda said...

OH man! I hope the lady, and your check book are okay. Sorry Mrs D is not being cooperative for you!!! SUCKY luck! We had a bad week this week too, so I feel your pain.

Megan said...

Oh man...I've been following your blog for a while, but this is the first thing that has prompted me to comment! One of my big fears is that my goofy thoroughbred will cause some sort of carnage, leaving me to foot the bill (law suit). I'm so sorry you had to deal with this! You probably feel terrible, but it's great that you were one of the responsible people that actually has equine liability insurance.

However, the thought of an equine professional getting injured in the course of the work, after they were warned about the horse, then asking for the customer to pay the bills seems a little off to me. I'm from Oregon, but I'm pretty sure that Washington has a similar Equine Inherent Risk law that would mean that you aren't legally responsible for paying any her medical bills. But I'm no legal expert, and this might not even be a legal question, as you'd probably pay for her bills out of the goodness of your heart/guilt. But, seriously, kicked in the face not two minutes after you warned her? I know medical bills are expensive, especially when you're uninsured, but to ask for you to cover it when it seems like this girl didn't take enough care around a known kicker doesn't seem right to me.

Mare said...

WOW! That would make for a sucky day! Good thing you had equine liability insurance...funny how something like that can come in handy... I think it was the girl's own fault, though. She knew Denali was a kicker and she was by the horse's legs for gods sakes! Not very smart to not be careful around a know-kicker's legs, or any horse's legs for that matter!

Mare said...

WOW! That would make for a sucky day! Good thing you had equine liability insurance...funny how something like that can come in handy... I think it was the girl's own fault, though. She knew Denali was a kicker and she was by the horse's legs for gods sakes! Not very smart to not be careful around a know-kicker's legs, or any horse's legs for that matter!

Laura M. said...

Good on you for having the insurance and hopefully they cover enough that this person is happy. That being said though, doing anything around horses holds an inherent risk and it looks like the Washington Equine Activity Law protects you here because you did give fair warning.

I'd be pissed at the massage therapist first way more than the horse. Wouldn't it seem that a good therapist would listen to the horse's situation (coming off rehab, known kicker, definitely out of whack body-wise) and take that into account when starting the bodywork? Surely one would start slowly to look for signs of soreness and determine what therapies could cause pain and thus stay away from them.

Sorry, but from what you posted D's Mom, I think this therapist is more at fault due to a lack of horse sense than Denali is for reacting to pain.


Janine said...

OMG! Yes I so wouldn't be mad at ponykins! She was soar and apparently was not happy about what the lady was going to do or did. I do feel sorry for the lady and I am sorry she got hurt so bad. But I agree with the others. This lady should have done something different of being more careful around the legs after you warned her. Oh gosh, have a better week!!! Thanks for posting! I will now check if my insurance has liability as well and watch also at who ever comes out to work with my horse. He is usually not a kicker. But hey! Horses are horses! They are strong and can do a lot in a second and you never know. Thanks again and hang in there!!!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Yikes on the blood!! I feel bad for the massage therapist AND Denali. I mean, it sucks, that she kicked but she is a horse/animal and that is their way of saying "NO WAY!"
I'm sorry for you to have to deal with this. Not fun.

Drillrider said...

Why would that therapist put her face in the "kick zone" after being warned that Denali was a kicker?

Animals are not to be 100% trusted.......EVER! My husband told me that a cowboy had a saying "an unbroke horse will maim you, but a tame horse will kill you". Why? Because you let your guard down with a tame horse and that is the wrong thing to do.

I always treat a horses back legs with the utmost respect and that includes my 30 year old deadbroke gelding!

Anonymous said...

Ugh... what a bummer. I'm so sorry to read this! I agree with most of the other posters her, the MT is just as much at fault here. I do have to wonder just where her head/face was exactly to end up getting kicked in the jaw?? Was se standing like she was picking a back hoof? Even then I always stand just to the outside and not directly behind... I suppose it doesn't really matter at this pint though, what's done is done. I hope she heals quickly and takes more care with her next client. I also hope your insurance will cover this! Don't be too hard on the marebeast, and hang in there.

Drillrider said...

So happy you have liability coverage (and I KNOW you are)! This story is the reason my husband and I changed insurance companies when they dropped our equine liability. You never know what horses will do.

Ours were running down the road in the middle of the night. If they had caused an accident, we would have been liable. Fortunately, I was able to convince them they wanted back in the pasture.

SprinklerBandit said...

Yikes! What a day. Regardless of the liability issues, I'd feel horrible too. Horses...

Miles On Miles said...

Sorry for everything you're dealing with:( No matter who's fault it is (and I agree with everyone here...this accident was avoidable), it's a huge pain in the ass to deal with, and if you're anything like me you feel responsible for your horse's behavior, especially when it hurts someone else.

Denali sure knows how to make an impression though! WOW that blood is kinda terrifying!

Hope all is resolved soon, for you and your ponykins.

Gingham said...

Whiskey!?? did you have your whiskey!?? I have some in my drawer at work, should it still be necessary. though I suppose they frown on that in a school setting...

Anonymous said...

Scary for everybody! So glad she wasn't injured worse, and that your insurance will pay. Could be she just moved too fast or didn't pay enough attention to the signals the mare was probably already sending. If a horse is sore, then sometimes things have to be taken slowly. Our chiro, who also does a lot of massage as part of her treatment, has worked successfully with all of our horses without getting kicked or bitten, mainly because she pays close attention to the horse, moves carefully and slowly so the horse knows what's happening and keeps herself safe. Our horses now love her and are very cooperative. Hope you're able to find someone as good - don't give up.

Muddy K said...

Ay Yi Yi, what a mess! Of course, I hope it all works out and the massage therapist recovers quickly, but I can't help but wish she'd been more on her toes. Denali is who she is, and you know who she is, and that's why you warn people when you have to. Yikes!

Denali's Mom said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I guess I was shocked to find out that she didn't have insurance. I mean, if you work with horses why wouldn't you carry some sort of insurance. I do feel guilty, and I feel bad, but why should I have to pay for her mistake? It as if you took a riding lesson, and fell off because you yanked on the horses mouth, or did something that scared the horse. Would you sue the trainer if it was your fault? No.

I don't know for sure if my insurance will pay, but they will deal with her, which makes me happy. She takes lessons at the Giant Warmblood Barn, so I just hope I don't see her. I did pay her for the full hour, AND I did tell her that she kicks. She put her head way to close to Denali's hoof.

Regardless I do feel bad. Who wouldn't. I feel bad anytime Denali does something that causes property damage or injures someone's horse. I'm surprised that Ophie's mom still talks to me after the amount of running around Denali caused Ophie.

Ugh. Still, I hate having to deal with this. It totally sucks. My insurance adjuster was really nice. He echoed my feelings.

Thanks for the support everyone. I need it, that and a stiff drink.

Dear Mare-face, a year ago I thought I was going to be putting you down. That doesn't mean that you should spend this October putting people down.

Love, Mom

Rebecca said...

Wow, what a day! Gotta agree with the others, doesn't sound like the massage therapist acted very professionally. Even so, it SUCKS to have your animal hurt someone. Hope everything works out with your insurance so that you don't have to deal with it.

Happy 400th post, by the way. :)

WishIHadAHorsey said...

Holy cow! Not much more to say (but yes, I have whiskey too..)

Kate said...

Honestly this MT is kind of an idiot for not having health insurance in her line of work! You gave fair warning that the horse could kick. Has it gotten to the point where we as horse owners need to have everyone who's going to even lay a hand on our animals sign a waiver?! That's crazy.