Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sandwich Snatcher

I had a lesson tonight on the Paint Mare, but before I got her I went to visit Ms. Slew and groom her. She was a dirty, dirty mare. She had her feet done on Monday, and was SO SO sore today, not impressed. I guess my farrier told my trainer she might be sore because the ground is so wet, and her frogs are soft. I'm not totally hoof knowledgeable, but I thought that's why they left some hoof wall, so that they didn't walk on their frogs?? Regardless, I am sort of done with watching Denali be sore.

I made her a nice warm bran mash and mixed some bute in with it so she'd feel a little better. I guess that wasn't enough because she stole my sandwich ham sandwich.... Sigh... Oh Slew, you shouldn't eat meat! You're a vegetarian!!

Good lesson on the paint mare. I was SO TIRED that I asked if we could cut it early, and finish it this weekend. Thankfully my trainer was flexible. Tomorrow I get one of my two new students. Yay (sarcasm). The other one comes on Monday. OH! How I wish I could explain what was going on at my job. I think I need another blog for that one!!


Mrs Mom said...

Well, horses do need *passive* contact witht he ground. If her soles/ frogs are soft, there are things that can be done ot help her out. Honestly one of the fastest ways is a good Povodine scrub a few days in a row. There are products available- such as Durasole, Keratex, etc, that all would help too. But if you have some Povodine on hand, or even just Listene, that will help to start building callous.

And a ham sammich? LOL... Silly mare!

goodtimetoreview said...

My monster usually gets sore right before and right after his trim so the farrier paints his feetsies (lol) with iodine when he's done and we usually will paint them a few days after and it really helps him.
That is HILARIOUS that she ate a ham sandwich! and I'm glad you had a good lesson on the paint mare!

Rachel said...

My horse is NEVER sore after the farrier. I feel firmly that a good farrier will only leave a horse feeling better than they were before they got there. Find yourself a new one ;)
Sorry bout your samich... I'd be mad, but thats totally something Granite would try to pull.

Janine said...

Yeah, my horse is never soar either after a trim and has never had shoes. Hmmm, maybe you should find a new person????? LOL, a ham sandwich is funny! One of my old horse would love pizza!!!! Horses can be silly! hang in there girl!!!

Karen said...

I have to agree with those that say your horse should really never be sore after a trim (I have never had a horse be sore after a farrier visit) ... unless perhaps the horse has some issues going on (founder, correcting malformed feet, etc etc) where it might be a little more understandable ... but still ... you know your mare best. :-)