Sunday, October 3, 2010

Remember me?

That would be my horse! I couldn't remember the last time I put a picture of Denali on here, so today when I was at the barn I decided that I needed an updated photo. Check out that hair! I haven't cut it since April. I have thinned it a few times, but haven't taken any length from it. I said that when she got hurt that I wasn't cutting it until she was sound. She's sound now, but I haven't ridden her in a few weeks. Now I'm going to wait until Spring to cut it. We'll see how long she can grow it. Work has been TOTALLY NUTS (hence the lack of posts this week) I don't even know how to explain that one. Let's just say that I do my job and because I do it the right way I keep getting screwed. I have 11 students now (which is a LOT for what I do) and the school 10 blocks away has 1. Yes, 1. That's what I get for doing my job. I get screwed.

I'll try to keep up this week!!


Leah Fry said...

How depressing that your pony is already blanketed! Mine are already woolly, but thankfully, it's not blankie weather yet.

JennyB said...

Awww I really know how you feel. Sometimes I think you just can't get ahead in this world anymore unless you conform to the lazy, procrastinating, selfish, greedy, dishonest, unethical way so many seem to be going. That's when it's time to go hang out with my horses, breathe in all their calm warmth, and say to heck with the rest of the world.

~~JennyB, Horsefeathers

Rebecca said...

I hope stuff calms down at work soon.

I love grown out manes. :) They make look scruffy in show turnout, but they look cute.

Rebecca said...

May, not make. I is bad at the Engrish!