Sunday, October 10, 2010


One crazy, zany, wild, unfocused thoroughbred. Last seen a few months ago, but it was confirmed yesterday that she is indeed missing. Has been replaced with a horse that LOOKS exactly the same, except for this one is focused, calm, very zen like.

Denali was BEYOND adorable yesterday. I don't know how else to explain it. She stood stock still in the cross ties, even when I used the curry comb ( and she HATES, HATES, HATES, the curry comb.) I brushed her tail out, and had to cut about 3 inches off of it because it was indeed dragging on the ground.

I decided that we we were going to do some trotting in the round pen to see what she looks like since she hasn't done anything since April. I put her boots on (and still need to find some that are NOT neoprene, more on that later) and took her out. The vet told me that I could start trotting her, so I figured we'll see what she looks like. Just a few minutes each direction.

Ms. Slew first thought she was out there to eat some of the grass nibblets that were growing in the round pen. I got her going at a walk (voice command!!) and she walked the perimiter of the pen. After a few minutes I asked her for a trot (again she listened) and she trotted off...sound and beautiful!!! Her hind end looks SO GOOD!! She has her beautiful movement back and even my trainer was "really impressed" not something she normally says. There was one instance of putting her butt towards me, and pinning her ears, but I reminded her (via lunge whip) that was unacceptable and she continued for a few minutes.

After her super willing, sweet behavior I took her in to wash her tail. It was just SO LONG and so dirty I wanted to get it clean before it gets too cold. I turned her back out into the long paddock on our side of the barn. This is when it gets adorable.

This paddock wraps around our barn like an L shape. It's part of our "fire emergency plan" paddock and where the horses are run out if (god forbid) there is ever a fire.

I was standing at one end of the barn talking to my Trainer about my pony's amazing ways, and I thought I heard nickering. I looked out the door and there stood Denali, nickering, and nickering at me. I smiled, and walked to the other end of the barn to finish my story, and next thing I know there is Ms. Slew nickering. She was following my voice, and following me. I love when I feel loved by my horse! (Love = respect)

About the boots: I bought some that were suppose to keep her legs cool. They are REALLY, REALLY nice, but also just too many straps for my liking. I'm selling them on e-bay now
and if you are interested, let me know. I like playing "Let's make a deal." I just need them in a new home.

By the end of the day today I may or may not have my Passier saddle. If I do I will need to get the tree adjusted, but the price is right! I hope it works out, but if not there will always be another saddle!

Ending this by sending good vibes to Andrea and Gogo. Gogo got out of her stall and got into a kicking match with some other horses. I really hope all is fine! Especially since I know how much work she has done rehabbing Gogo from her first injury! Denali got out once, scary, scary, scary....


Miles On Miles said...

Dang, I really really like those boots!! Very tempting...wish Miles didn't need a new turnout. I bet you'll have no trouble selling them on eBay though:)

How cute that she followed you! I remember you writing earlier that she's not especially affectionate, so that must feel great:) What a sweet girl-and yay, she's sound!

Kate said...

I'll bet all the things you've done for her have really made a difference!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said... sweet pony is evil right now. EVIL!!!!!!