Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Denali "Tyson" Slew

My husband's suggestion for Denali's Christmas present. Could work I guess. I just don't know what size she would wear. New option for a show name too: Tyson.Warren, the insurance person signed to my case, called me this morning and was really, really nice. He asked me a lot of questions, and assured me that everything will be fine. I'll believe it when this is all over. He echoed my thoughts, and what everyone here seems to think. Apparently the fact that I paid her (because I'm nice, and felt that I needed to) it makes it a void in my liability policy because, "she knew she took inherit risks when working with a horse."


Regardless, he said he would talk to her and take care of it for me. He said he gets paid to be the "bad guy." Good, because I am the bad guy everyday, and I am tired.

Last I heard she didn't break anything. She has stitches, and is on antibiotics. I hope she feels better, but I am honestly still frustrated that she would even ask me to split the bill.

Every time my phone beeps my heart jumps. I am just waiting to hear from her, but hope that I don't.

Thanks for your support everyone. It really does mean a lot!


Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

I honestly can't believe she asked you to split the bill. It's not -your- fault she's uninsured, and it's not -your- fault she didn't listen when you told her about Denali kicking.

I work with animals every day I'm at work. I know I am going to get scratched or bit or God knows what else. I've never had a "bite" charge, even for events like when the cat bit me and my hand swelled up 3 times it size and I got a really bad infection. ... The doctor yelled at me for not going to the ER right away.

I don't have insurance right now either. I don't know when I will again. I take every precaution I can, but I still know -any- animal can hurt me (even a fish).

Ugh. :/ Big prey animal+ warning of possible kicker = keep your face away from the feet. Or wear headgear.

... Maybe you should find her one of those hockey helmets.

Megan said...

That's kind of exactly what I thought your insurance company would say. If there's one thing I've learned about insurance companies, it's that if they can get out of paying, they will. If you're not legally liable, then it's highly unlikely that they'll pay her.

If I were in your situation I would be miffed as well that she asked for you to pay part of her bill. Yet, I kind of understand asking, because she probably wracked up a huge ER bill. But she did choose to work around horses, uninsured, and not display good horse sense. I recently got thrown and hurt during a lesson when my trainer's horse went a little bit bonkers, and wound up with around $600 of medical bills (good thing I pay a buttload for health insurance, which covered most of it!). I sure as hell didn't ask my trainer for a cent, because I know that even the most broke, dead-headed horses are dangerous and unpredictable, and it's my choice to be around them.

Laura M. said...

Hmmm... boxing gloves and bubble wrap... Denali could start a new equine fashion trend!

It's a bummer that insurance won't pay her, but I assume that you don't have to either, right? I realize that many people in the horse industry work with horses while not on insurance. But that's a calculated risk and this time she lost. I know I quit riding any horse but my own when I was between jobs and didn't have health insurance... not worth the risk to me. Everyone makes their own decisions and must live with the consequences, be those great or terrible.

How's Denali doing?

Now That's A Trot! said...

As someone who works with horses professionally, and went through a stretch of being uninsured, I can say that not having insurance is dumb on her part. I'm glad she's not more seriously hurt, but horses are inherently dangerous. It doesn't take a mean or defensive move from them to get you seriously hurt... I once leaned in front of a baby who just happened to flip his head at a fly, and I got knocked back 10 feet. He could have broken my nose, but luckily I just got a black eye.

I'm glad to hear your insurance company was so nice... I don't think I would have considered this aspect of liability insurance for a horse!

Karen said...

I agree with what everyone else is saying. If you choose to work around horses, you take the risk of getting hurt. Sometimes crap just happens - but sometimes people let their guard down and end up getting hurt that way. Hope things work out. :-)

Drillrider said...

I wouldn't worry about her calling again because if she does, just give her the phone number for Warren (aka "bad guy").

Be polite and tell her you are sorry she got hurt, hope that she is recovery well, but that your insurance man is the person she needs to talk to. After all, isn't that we all "have" insurance and pay those monthly premiums?

summersmom said...

A few years ago my mare was on "maternity leave" and I rode a friend's horse on a trail ride. I was new to horses and they assured me that while this horse was "opinionated" he was very broke and very safe for me. On the way back to the horse trailer, he started to lope off and I tried to hold him back. My friend's thought I had him under control until he suddenly started to buck and then jumped over a small ditch between the field we were in and the road. He cleared the ditch, I ended up on the road and he took off riderless for the trailer. My head was cut open from landing on the cement and I had severe road rash on my upper back and shoulders. They called an ambulance and had me hauled to the ER. I had insurance at the time but the ambulance was not covered and I had to pay $1500 out of my own pocket. Never once did I ask the owner of the horse to help me with the bill, even though I wanted to. She never really apologized but at the same time I should have worn a helmet or not gone at all.
That is the risk you take with horses. Period.
I really hope the girl backs off once your insurance tells her they aren't paying for anything.

Miles On Miles said...
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Miles On Miles said...

With everything you've paid in the last year for Denali in vet bills, the LAST thing you should have to worry about is paying for the medical bills of someone who claims she is an equine professional and should have known better. Frankly, while I'm sorry she got hurt, I don't know that you even owed her for the appointment...at least not the full amount. She didn't deliver (not if she was kicked 2 minutes in).

Anyway, it's too bad all around, but I'm glad she will be ok-I hope she has learned something and will head the warning of the next person who says her horse kicks:) Even if you had said nothing, she should treat EVERY horse as if it kicks, bites, you name it...especially as a "massage therapist" she will be touching horses in potentially ticklish spots, or doing things to them they may find strange or unpleasant. It's just strange all around...her head should have been no where near Slew's hind feet. BTW, I love the idea of naming your horse after a fighter:)

I wish I had someone in my life who would be the mean guy for me when it's needed:)