Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weery Wednesday

I got bit today. Right on my ass and MAN did it hurt! It was a 5 year old boy, so at least mare-face is innocent. Have to love my job sometimes. I had a credit card in my pocket, so that helped deter more damage. If you're new to my blog, I teach in a BIP (Behavior Intervention Program.) I work with kids who have behaviors that make it difficult for themselves and others to learn in the general education classroom. Kiddos are assigned to me for different reasons, from severe ADHD to severe unsafe behaviors (i.e. bitting.) Remember my hurt knee last year? Yeah, my job is exciting.

After having a bite taken out of me today I went out to see Tyson. She was in her paddock, hanging out and looking lazy. I knew when I took her out that she was full of it though. She calmed down as soon as I started grooming her and fell asleep in the cross ties. This is a new behavior for her, she normally is on high alert when in the cross ties.

I tacked her up and took her out the round pen to drive her around. There was another horse in the arena and i didn't want to hurt anyone (hey, look at me being responsible!) She was SO SO SO Lazy and kept trying to eat grass. I went and got the whip, and that perked her up. We worked for about 20 minutes at the walk and then a few minutes of trot. After driving around outside we went inside the arena and worked in there. She does really well for me, much better than a year ago. Tonight my trainer even commented on how Denali had her ear glued on me. That's my ponykins.

One thing I was going to blog about (pre-denali trying to kill someone) is that I met the 2nd person of a horse named Denali. Much like the first person I met, this one too was a snobby, snobby person. She glared at me, looked at me like I wasn't good enough and then walked away. Someone at a local tack store mentioned to her that my horse's name was Denali too.

Well. One thing is for sure. My Thoroughbred could beat up your Warmblood. (Except for Pia, I'm pretty sure Denali and Pia would go out together....)

I really appreciate everyone's support since Monday. I know I'm right in how I feel, but everyone echoing it makes me feel better. My trainer agrees, and today the owner of the Giant Warmbloods (who I LOVE) called me and made me feel a lot better. She also told me that my "boyfriend" might be sold so I should come visit him before he leaves. He hates the rain and is always grumpy when it's cold and rainy out. I asked her if he was moving to California (where they came from) and found out nope, it's Canada bound!

She is riding in the Debbie McDonald Clinic this weekend. I wish I could go (new saddle = no money :( ) She is an amazing rider and I'm glad I get to work there and watch her in action.


Gingham said...

1) true. our mares should never, ever meet, let alone be turned out together. I'm pretty sure we'd find them somewhere near the Mexican border...

2) I think we're *gasp* getting a Denali in our barn! eeks. I really shouldn't be commenting since the vet check is today, and this will probably jinx it, but if all goes well, we'll have two stunning two year olds bouncing around our place!

Denali's Mom said...

I'm pretty sure that they would take over the world. It would be bad, oh so very bad.

I love 2 year olds, they are in that stage of "Dear God, please let them grow out of it." Good, maybe you'll have a nice owner of a horse named Denali.