Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Joan of Arc

I'm bored, and exhausted due to work. I decided to give the "Mare-Beast" a break and actually go home and relax instead of fighting traffic to get to the barn.

One of my friends forwarded me this quiz. Normally, I don't do stupid quizzes, but this looked too funny to pass up.

Joan of Arc

Denali is Joan of Arc, the legendary heroine of France.

Denali is a fierce and willful girl who knows how to get what she wants, like the young visionary who protected France against England. Her tender moments might surprise you.

If you take the quiz post your results! :) Denali's personality isn't too far off. (Minus the whole visionary, protection, tender moment parts.... fierce is about it.)


Anonymous said...

Dawn's an Amelia Earhart!

Laura M. said...

oh drat... I can't get to the quiz from work, but I'll do it tonight when I get home :)

Anonymous said...

Here is what I got:

"Honey is Jane Austen, the legendary romantic writer.

Honey is a funny girl, sweet natured and smart, but occasionally stubborn, like the romantic English author. She may seem withdrawn sometimes, but, deep down, she is focused and vigorous."

Pretty close!

Miles On Miles said...

LOL Miles is Lord Byron:)

"Lord Byron

Miles is Lord Byron, the legendary romantic poet.

Miles is a sensory creature, a bundle of emotion, like the curious poet and adventurer. Dramatics may be part of the package, but so are charm, bravery, and wit."

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

LOL..dramatics is so true:

Lazarus is Lord Byron, the legendary romantic poet.

Lazarus is a sensory creature, a bundle of emotion, like the curious poet and adventurer. Dramatics may be part of the package, but so are charm, bravery, and wit.

Gingham said...

I think we already knew this... but Pia is JOAN OF ARC. (bah hahaha)

Straight up, we could have both saved some serious $$$ if we just bought one horse and shared it. They are the SAME.

Marissa said...

Oh I love stuff like this!

"Tucker is Mark Twain, the legendary satirist and author.

Tucker is a benevolent, yet unsentimental gentleman, like the earnest American writer. He is a steadfast observer of your shared environment and he has very few fears. He is polite, if sometimes lazy."

Fits him perfectly!

Becca said...

Wyatt Earp
Bailey is Wyatt Earp, the legendary lawman.

Bailey is a rebel and sometimes even a troublemaker, like the Wild West marshal and saloon keeper. This guy has his own ideas. Get used to it and you’ll find a loyal companion.


Napoleon Bonaparte
Ace is Napoleon Bonaparte, the legendary ruler of France.

Ace is proud and daring, just like the Emperor and military legend who set out to conquer Europe. Sometimes, his brashness needs taming, but he’s an impressive steed who covers a lot of ground.
Yes, he is the mighty mini xD

these test results seem to be pretty accurate! 8D

Denali's Mom said...

ha ha ha, Gingham, we could have SO much money if we only had one of them. They both have neurological problems, they both are nutso when they are in heat, and they are both beautiful. Hum... Interesting and VERY funny!!

I agree, this test was pretty accurate! lol.