Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frustrations on a Thursday

This morning I left for work a little earlier than normal so I could stop for coffee at Tully's. On my way out with my sandwich and coffee I saw a shiny new penny heads up. I picked it up and said to myself, "Ah! Just what I need, a little luck." About 2.3 seconds later I noticed that I had melted cheese on my shirt (because the box melted) and coffee on my pants. Seriously? That's sort of how the rest of my day went. Damn Penny.

After work I ran home to pick up my new saddle. It came yesterday and has me all freaked out. Well, actually the saddle lady has me all freaked out. The saddle has some "give" to it. I read that Passier trees are spring trees and therefore they do have some give to them. Regardless I've been obsessing over it since I got it at 5pm on Wednesday. I swear if it's broken I will flip out. Luckily, eBay TELLS me that I'm protected. I sent an e-mail to the owner asking them if that give was normal (yes, I know, I own my crazy, no worries.) I kept a copy to prove that I got the saddle like that.

I took my saddle to the tack shop near my barn so I could borrow their stand to sit on it (since it's a Wide and Ms.Slew is not.) I wanted to make sure I liked it before I sent it away to get the tree adjusted. I do like it. The seat is hard, but other than that It feels good. It was weird to have such long flaps.

While I was there I bought Cocosoya oil!!! I was SO SO SO excited to be able to buy the oil at a store, and NOT online. I've been paying a lot of money in just shipping, so this made me happy. I was able to buy 2.5 gallons for less than I've been paying online. So at least I can save money somewhere.

I went to the barn and put the ALMOST fits saddle on Ms. Slew, then tacked her up in my old saddle to do some driving. She fell asleep in the cross ties which I took as a bad sign. Usually when she is super calm, and super quiet that means that she is saving her energy to be super naughty. In all honestly, she reminds me so much of Pia that it's a little scary.

True to my prediction the beast woke up. We are only walking with a little trotting in really large circles. I'm not taking her too far from the walls in case she decides to be a naughty mare and I need to put the breaks on. She is still off in her right hind. She now currently has me freaked out again. She is short striding and turning her head to the outside when going clockwise. She seems really sore in her back. I am just PRAYING that it is still from last Wednesday when she was a nutball.

My trainer was working D for a bit, when the barn dog cried. That was Ms. Slew's cue to flip out. She had one foot on the ground most of the time. I cringed and closed my eyes. She quickly calmed down and went back to work, but really Denali! Positive thing is that she didn't fall.

I made an appointment with the Holistic Vet in our area to do a body work up on Denali. I scheduled a chiropractor and acupuncture appointment to help with her soreness. I think it has to do with coming back to work. I've never had to rehab a horse and I don't know if this is normal. She just seems so sore!! In return she is off. That appointment is currently scheduled for the 6th of November, but if Ms. Slew is still sore on Sunday I'm going to call and move it up.

I've also hired another farrier. This is one that several of my friends use, and I've heard really good things about her. She comes November 14th.

Dear Denali,

Please do not make October the month of breakage. I am tired of always rehabbing you and would really like to just ride you. I love you so much, but it breaks my heart when you seem to be in pain. When you are in pain, my pocketbook is also in pain.

Love you,


Laura M. said...

How does Denali do with Ace? Would it be worthwhile to use it to take the edge off before getting her tacked up? I'm going to start using some Ace soon with Panache since she's ready to trot more than just a long side at a time. I don't want her getting too much steam up when we do a full lap of the ring.

Jingles that Ms. D feels sound again soon and that you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Marissa said...

When you get acupuncture done... ask the acupuncturist about the pressure point just behind their poll that has a calming effect. You can do a B12 injection in it and it will help her stay relaxed while she rehabs. A horse at my barn had it done and although he's only handwalking at the moment, it appears to be working. Also, in my totally unprofessional opinion, I think a little soreness is normal while they rehab, at least from my experience. Chiro and acupuncture does amazing things though! My fingers are crossed that your girl continues to get better.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Hopefully u can be there to watch as you start these new things w/ Denali. I know Laz LOVED his body work was really light and he released a lot. I can tell his trot and stance is WAY better from one treatment. The 2 chiro visit I had didn't do much that I saw..but who knows..and he HATED it. Trial and error..but yes, it adds up! Sheesh! My next Pony is going to be a hardy MULE!