Saturday, October 30, 2010

After the week I've had...

I saw this video on YouTube and laughed so hard I started to cry. I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

!@#$, !@#$, !@#$!!!

Today was one of those days.

Actually, today was THE DAY.

I woke up an hour late and looked like I was hit by a car since I had about 10 minutes to get out the door.

On my way to work I kept having this stupid black jeep changing lanes without using using his turn signal. At one point he seriously almost hit my car. I was pissed. I have horrible, horrible road rage. I know this, and it's why I don't own a standard anymore (I use to own a Mustang which I would drive like a bat out of hell when I got mad.) At one point he tried to cut me off again, but instead I wouldn't let him in. He proceeded to honk his horn and follow me to work. SO I drove around the block a few times, and decided worst comes to worst I'll just go to Tully's where the cop's do their morning paperwork. I didn't want to tell anyone off in front of 5 year old's. He eventually left me alone. I got to work pissed.

After I got to work I noticed I had a missed phone call, and a few text messages.

The first voice mail was from Warren. He left some rambling message about how he talked to the massage therapist and told her that it wasn't covered. I couldn't finish listening to it because I realized who the text messages were from.

Then it started....

She still expected me to pay for half her bill. She told me that is why horse owners carry liability insurance, for things like this and if my insurance won't cover it, then I should be responsible.

I flipped. I was in the middle of welcoming my class to school, but at this point I had to step out of the room.

I told her I am really sorry, but I do not feel that it is my responsibility to help with the bill. I feel bad you were hurt. I warned you, and there is a risk with horses. I think it is unprofessional to ask.

She asked me to give her my trainers phone number because she wanted to see if my trainer's insurance will cover it since it was her property. "I understand the risks, but that's why people have liability insurance and property to pay for things like this."

I told her, "That's why people (providers) carry insurance. There is the WA state law regarding horse care. It's not her property she rents the barn. I assume when I hire a professional that they have taken the necessary steps."

UGH!!!!! I was freaking out the entire day. Am I wrong?? I really don't think I am wrong.

I've gone from frustrated to pissed. I know several people now who won't use her services. I could be a huge bitch and post her name, but I won't do that.

**Edit** I posted this in the comments, but wanted to clear up any miss understanding. I guess I just assume what is in my head is clearly written here. I am not good at explaining things sometimes!! **

Denali doesn't have a "kicking problem" but she has kicked in the past when she's been scared or she felt threatened.

Obviously if she kicked all the time, or even enough to make me think it was a problem, I would have NEVER had someone work on her. I'm not irresponsible.

However, since she has kicked out (to my knowledge) 4 times at people. 3 times at me and once at the vet when we were working on her legs. I will ALWAYS say she kicks because I can't ever say that she won't. One time she kicked at me I scared her, another time she kicked me when I was cleaning her feet, but I caught her foot (and we fixed that problem) and one she was eating, and I made sure that it NEVER would happen again. I blogged about our "discussion" somewhere on this blog, but hell if I can find it! (Kicking horses, different story.... that's never in the barn and always in a herd situation.)

I keep her in the cross ties with people walking around her, and she's fine. HOWEVER, they have all been warned, and reminded that they need to let her know that they are there. She is always fine, even when they don't warn her, but I am always nervous.

This time I think it was grabbing the lump on her leg with her face a foot away that did it. :( (After I said, "That lump is sore, so be careful.")

( I guess I wanted to clear up that Denali doesn't have a "kicking problem" but she does kick. I think a problem is something that happens more than 4-5 times over 2 years.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weery Wednesday

I got bit today. Right on my ass and MAN did it hurt! It was a 5 year old boy, so at least mare-face is innocent. Have to love my job sometimes. I had a credit card in my pocket, so that helped deter more damage. If you're new to my blog, I teach in a BIP (Behavior Intervention Program.) I work with kids who have behaviors that make it difficult for themselves and others to learn in the general education classroom. Kiddos are assigned to me for different reasons, from severe ADHD to severe unsafe behaviors (i.e. bitting.) Remember my hurt knee last year? Yeah, my job is exciting.

After having a bite taken out of me today I went out to see Tyson. She was in her paddock, hanging out and looking lazy. I knew when I took her out that she was full of it though. She calmed down as soon as I started grooming her and fell asleep in the cross ties. This is a new behavior for her, she normally is on high alert when in the cross ties.

I tacked her up and took her out the round pen to drive her around. There was another horse in the arena and i didn't want to hurt anyone (hey, look at me being responsible!) She was SO SO SO Lazy and kept trying to eat grass. I went and got the whip, and that perked her up. We worked for about 20 minutes at the walk and then a few minutes of trot. After driving around outside we went inside the arena and worked in there. She does really well for me, much better than a year ago. Tonight my trainer even commented on how Denali had her ear glued on me. That's my ponykins.

One thing I was going to blog about (pre-denali trying to kill someone) is that I met the 2nd person of a horse named Denali. Much like the first person I met, this one too was a snobby, snobby person. She glared at me, looked at me like I wasn't good enough and then walked away. Someone at a local tack store mentioned to her that my horse's name was Denali too.

Well. One thing is for sure. My Thoroughbred could beat up your Warmblood. (Except for Pia, I'm pretty sure Denali and Pia would go out together....)

I really appreciate everyone's support since Monday. I know I'm right in how I feel, but everyone echoing it makes me feel better. My trainer agrees, and today the owner of the Giant Warmbloods (who I LOVE) called me and made me feel a lot better. She also told me that my "boyfriend" might be sold so I should come visit him before he leaves. He hates the rain and is always grumpy when it's cold and rainy out. I asked her if he was moving to California (where they came from) and found out nope, it's Canada bound!

She is riding in the Debbie McDonald Clinic this weekend. I wish I could go (new saddle = no money :( ) She is an amazing rider and I'm glad I get to work there and watch her in action.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Denali "Tyson" Slew

My husband's suggestion for Denali's Christmas present. Could work I guess. I just don't know what size she would wear. New option for a show name too: Tyson.Warren, the insurance person signed to my case, called me this morning and was really, really nice. He asked me a lot of questions, and assured me that everything will be fine. I'll believe it when this is all over. He echoed my thoughts, and what everyone here seems to think. Apparently the fact that I paid her (because I'm nice, and felt that I needed to) it makes it a void in my liability policy because, "she knew she took inherit risks when working with a horse."


Regardless, he said he would talk to her and take care of it for me. He said he gets paid to be the "bad guy." Good, because I am the bad guy everyday, and I am tired.

Last I heard she didn't break anything. She has stitches, and is on antibiotics. I hope she feels better, but I am honestly still frustrated that she would even ask me to split the bill.

Every time my phone beeps my heart jumps. I am just waiting to hear from her, but hope that I don't.

Thanks for your support everyone. It really does mean a lot!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Caution Blood and Swearing (and 400th Post)

So Denali's massage appointment was cancelled yesterday and rescheduled for today. I had a doctor's appointment and then met the massage therapist at my barn around 6. Let's just say it didn't go well.... didn't go well at all...

This my friends is Denali's massage therapist's blood on the floor. Denali decided that she was not pleased with the touching of her legs, and kicked her squarely in the jaw.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

It happened so quick. She showed up and I gave her a bit of Denali history. I mentioned that Denali does kick, but it isn't a daily thing. Well.... about 2 minutes later Denali proved me right. When Denali kicked her in the jaw the girls teeth went through her cheek.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I threw Denali into her stall, and ran for the first aid kit that my husband made for my car. She needed stitches, so there wasn't much in there that would help. I'm just REALLY grateful (as she is too I'm sure) that it wasn't square in the face. That THAT would have been really bad.

After she left she sent me a message about paying half the bill. I asked her if she had health insurance and she said no.

New Rule # 1: all people who work with Slew MUST be insured.

She then sent me another message about paying half the bill. That's when Denali's stall card caught my eye. May I just say I have never been so happy in my entire life that I decided to take out the liability on my horse. I called the insurance company, and for once they were VERY helpful. They told me to have her call them in the morning and they'll take care of it. I LOVE you National Equine Adjusting. I love you so much. You are so much like my horse. When I love you I love you so much, and when I hate you, I fucking hate you. I hope you pull through this time.


It was NOT a good night at the barn. I couldn't even be mad at Denali, she did exactly what a horse would do. She was unpleased and she kicked. One thing about Denali, when she kicks she doesn't miss. I defiantly disciplined her. The girl asked me if she did anything wrong and I truthfully told her she had her head way too close to a hind leg of a horse that kicks.

New Rule #2: I will CONTINUE to yell to the heavens that Denali kicks. I'm just glad I mentioned it this time, but I may make a tee-shirt. It only happens once out of every 50 days or so, but JUST in case.


Best part? Denali was suppose to have another massage person come out on Saturday (I had scheduled this appointment a while ago and I felt bad cancelling it.) I called her after this happened and asked her if she had health insurance and then proceeded to explain that I couldn't be sure that my horse was safe and I didn't want someone else to get hurt. (She didn't have insurance either.) She was very nice and understood. I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts. One issue at a time. Denali is sore, which is why she kicked, but if she's going to kick someone I want that person to have the ability to drug her heavily.

Damn you Denali. I am done doing nice things for you.

The only person who is going to do bodywork on the Marewolf is the holistic vet. She can drug the girl. (I stole the terms marewolf and mareface from Pia's mom, and if you don't read her blog you should. It's HILARIOUS and our horses are so much like each other it's scary. VERY scary.)

In other news yesterday I won a photo session for Denali, along with some art at an Art auction for a local rescue. It was SO MUCH FUN. When Denali is not being a pain in the butt I will get photos taken. Maybe we can use them for her Most Wanted Posters. I'll write more about it when I'm not so pissed at ponykins trying to suck money out of me.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet Mare-Face

Mare face was a doll face yesterday. I called the vet on Friday to double check that her lameness wasn't something I should be worried about. I love my vet, she knows exactly what I'm freaking out about before she answers. She assured me that this is normal and that unless it gets worse that I need to keep working her. Also to give her bute for 5 days to help with the soreness. Mare face disagreed, but has been working everyday since Wednesday. We've done a few airs above the ground, but nothing too horrible.

Yesterday was a perfect storm for a Denali freak out. New people at the barn, machinery building a new shelter, and rain. Now, normally Denali would go C-R-A-Z-Y. I kept waiting for her to spook and go nuts. The worst she did was break into a trot a few times. She went nicely from walk to extended walk (something we've never accomplished without WWII breaking out.) We did about 10 minutes of trotting, and she moved out beautifully. Still stiff to the left, but that should be worked on today.

I made an appointment with a massage therapist. I've been searching for a long time for someone to work on Denali, but they needed to pass my anal quizzes. This one works at the Giant Warmblood Barn, so I respect that I know horses she works on. She also works on horses in rehab. She asked me more questions that I asked her (a first for Anal me.) I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to say about Denali.

Happy Sunday! The next post will be my 400th. Crazy that I've babbled that many times.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frustrations on a Thursday

This morning I left for work a little earlier than normal so I could stop for coffee at Tully's. On my way out with my sandwich and coffee I saw a shiny new penny heads up. I picked it up and said to myself, "Ah! Just what I need, a little luck." About 2.3 seconds later I noticed that I had melted cheese on my shirt (because the box melted) and coffee on my pants. Seriously? That's sort of how the rest of my day went. Damn Penny.

After work I ran home to pick up my new saddle. It came yesterday and has me all freaked out. Well, actually the saddle lady has me all freaked out. The saddle has some "give" to it. I read that Passier trees are spring trees and therefore they do have some give to them. Regardless I've been obsessing over it since I got it at 5pm on Wednesday. I swear if it's broken I will flip out. Luckily, eBay TELLS me that I'm protected. I sent an e-mail to the owner asking them if that give was normal (yes, I know, I own my crazy, no worries.) I kept a copy to prove that I got the saddle like that.

I took my saddle to the tack shop near my barn so I could borrow their stand to sit on it (since it's a Wide and Ms.Slew is not.) I wanted to make sure I liked it before I sent it away to get the tree adjusted. I do like it. The seat is hard, but other than that It feels good. It was weird to have such long flaps.

While I was there I bought Cocosoya oil!!! I was SO SO SO excited to be able to buy the oil at a store, and NOT online. I've been paying a lot of money in just shipping, so this made me happy. I was able to buy 2.5 gallons for less than I've been paying online. So at least I can save money somewhere.

I went to the barn and put the ALMOST fits saddle on Ms. Slew, then tacked her up in my old saddle to do some driving. She fell asleep in the cross ties which I took as a bad sign. Usually when she is super calm, and super quiet that means that she is saving her energy to be super naughty. In all honestly, she reminds me so much of Pia that it's a little scary.

True to my prediction the beast woke up. We are only walking with a little trotting in really large circles. I'm not taking her too far from the walls in case she decides to be a naughty mare and I need to put the breaks on. She is still off in her right hind. She now currently has me freaked out again. She is short striding and turning her head to the outside when going clockwise. She seems really sore in her back. I am just PRAYING that it is still from last Wednesday when she was a nutball.

My trainer was working D for a bit, when the barn dog cried. That was Ms. Slew's cue to flip out. She had one foot on the ground most of the time. I cringed and closed my eyes. She quickly calmed down and went back to work, but really Denali! Positive thing is that she didn't fall.

I made an appointment with the Holistic Vet in our area to do a body work up on Denali. I scheduled a chiropractor and acupuncture appointment to help with her soreness. I think it has to do with coming back to work. I've never had to rehab a horse and I don't know if this is normal. She just seems so sore!! In return she is off. That appointment is currently scheduled for the 6th of November, but if Ms. Slew is still sore on Sunday I'm going to call and move it up.

I've also hired another farrier. This is one that several of my friends use, and I've heard really good things about her. She comes November 14th.

Dear Denali,

Please do not make October the month of breakage. I am tired of always rehabbing you and would really like to just ride you. I love you so much, but it breaks my heart when you seem to be in pain. When you are in pain, my pocketbook is also in pain.

Love you,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Joan of Arc

I'm bored, and exhausted due to work. I decided to give the "Mare-Beast" a break and actually go home and relax instead of fighting traffic to get to the barn.

One of my friends forwarded me this quiz. Normally, I don't do stupid quizzes, but this looked too funny to pass up.

Joan of Arc

Denali is Joan of Arc, the legendary heroine of France.

Denali is a fierce and willful girl who knows how to get what she wants, like the young visionary who protected France against England. Her tender moments might surprise you.

If you take the quiz post your results! :) Denali's personality isn't too far off. (Minus the whole visionary, protection, tender moment parts.... fierce is about it.)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vet visit...

Ms. Slew had her fall shots on Saturday. The vet wanted to do a lameness re-evaluation on Denali before we gave her her shots, so I took her into the arena and trotted her out. Ms. Slew fell flat on her face. Boom. It was a bit embarrassing for her to say the least. She has done this a few times now, and my thoughts as to why are as follows:

1. She has no muscle.
2. She isn't picking her feet up and then she trips.
3. Because she doesn't have muscle,when she trips she can't catch herself.

It's always tripping on her front end, and it's not all the time. I'd say it's once a time when she is being worked. She really has 0 muscles.

The vet did notice that she was lame on her right hind, but just slightly. She was such a moron on Wednesday that I'm not too concerned since I'm pretty sure it's just sore muscles from running around.

Today she was lunged for a bit (at the trot), and did a wonderful job. She seemed to work out of the lameness a bit which leads me to think it's muscle. I'm going to call the Holistic Vet to come look at her and give her a body work over.

Also: Found this ad on Craigslist. Maybe I can put Denali up for sale for $10,000 after all her grandsire was Seattle Slew, and Secretariat on her sire's side. Anyone else think this is a bad ad?

Looking for the next Triple Crown winner? This mare has all the right breeding to produce the next the Triple Crown winner! Seattle Slew is the 10th horse to win the Triple Crown. There has only been one other horse to win the Triple Crown since Seattle Slew took the title from Secretariat in 1977. On Gypsy’s dams side is Hoist The Flag and Princequillo (who is the grandsire of Secretariat). Hoist The Flag was the leading broodmare sire in 1987 and is great great sire to Zenyatta who own the 2009 Breeders cup classic and ladies classic. Zenyatta has earned $5,924,580.00 in her career so far. Read more about Zenyatta @ . Gypsy foal could be the next Zenyatta! Don't miss this opportunity!

Gypsy is a trained in both english and western. She enjoys the outdoors and showing off in the show ring! Come watch her perform at the Tacoma Unit Sunday Oct 17th. Looking up her breeding at

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Found: One crazy horse

I went to visit Ms. Denali tonight. I was in a rush since my job has had me CRAZY this week. I just wanted to go out, groom her, and do a little work in the round pen. Denali, well she had other ideas. Remember how I said she was missing?? WELL GUESS WHO'S BACK!!!
She did really well the entire process. I took her out to the round pen and asked her to walk (because she was eating grass) and it was like I lit a fuse. She took off at a quick trot. I asked her to stop, and she went into a canter. I asked for her to trot, and she took off into a gallop. At this point I realized that her mind was not with me. I chose to ignore her because any motion that I made towards her made her go faster. I stood in the middle and didn't look at her. She ran for at least 5 minutes. I wanted to kill her. I chose to ignore her since I knew she wasn't listening to me, and I didn't want her to learn that she really COULD ignore me. I decided I was going to leave the round pen and walk away. As I was walking out she stopped. This is where I should have made her run again until she was tired. I just didn't want her to break anything.

At this point Princess Demon Ponykins Devil Horse was dripping in sweat. I took her in to cold hose her legs. She started to freak out about the water. She kept shaking her head and so I unclipped her to see what she wanted. She took her head and put it right into the hose, so I let her drink from the hose and then finished her legs. They looked good, and they felt good, but I still wrapped them up. JUST IN CASE. My poor trainer, I know I drive her nuts.

One of our barn cats died today. My trainer found him crying, and took him to the vet. He had a blockage and something else going on. He left behind a brother and a sister and a very sad trainer (mom.)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I suck at tests!

I spent all summer trying to memorize the dressage tests! Even then I still needed people to call them to me if I was going to do more than one test a day. So, if you suck at tests too, start studying now!!

In other news, I couldn't go to the ponykins today. Had a bad allergy attack yesterday so going to the barn with hay, horse, dog, etc. wasn't in my best health interest (even thought it would be exactly what I needed for my mental health.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Super Cute!

I loved watching this, so I thought I'd share! I'm impressed that she was able to stay on the horses back in the English saddle.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well...I did it (part 2)

Since my computer/blogger couldn't handle me putting pictures AND writing I'll try it this way. Not 100% sure what I think yet. Yes, it's what I wanted, and yes I got a screaming deal on it.... I'm sure I will feel a lot better when I have the actual saddle in my hands. There can just always be SO MANY things wrong with a saddle that you can't see in pictures. Eek. It's an 18 inch, W (and will need adjusted yay, more money!) with long flaps.

I went to the tack store today (because why not right?) and saw my favorite saddle fitting specialist. She's amazing, and super nice! She asked me about Denali, and how things were going. I told her that I got a saddle, and she got all excited. Then I told her where (ebay) and watched her face scrunch up. She then proceeded to show me all the things to look for when it came to make sure that the saddle was "okay." Just a tad freaked out. She also asked me if I ever rode in one (insinuating the not so soft/kind seat.)

I've told a few people what brand I got, and they scrunched their nose at it. I got a little nervous, then I realized that they ride in saddles that they paid $5,000 for. I don't think there is a single saddle at the barn I work at that isn't Custom. I keep needing to remind myself that. I just need a saddle that fits me, and fits Denali and that isn't a bazillion dollars. All hard to do with an off the rack saddle. Denali is sound, but who knows how sound she'll stay and I don't want to spend the money. I still really want a Custom saddle, someday!!

Wish me luck!


One crazy, zany, wild, unfocused thoroughbred. Last seen a few months ago, but it was confirmed yesterday that she is indeed missing. Has been replaced with a horse that LOOKS exactly the same, except for this one is focused, calm, very zen like.

Denali was BEYOND adorable yesterday. I don't know how else to explain it. She stood stock still in the cross ties, even when I used the curry comb ( and she HATES, HATES, HATES, the curry comb.) I brushed her tail out, and had to cut about 3 inches off of it because it was indeed dragging on the ground.

I decided that we we were going to do some trotting in the round pen to see what she looks like since she hasn't done anything since April. I put her boots on (and still need to find some that are NOT neoprene, more on that later) and took her out. The vet told me that I could start trotting her, so I figured we'll see what she looks like. Just a few minutes each direction.

Ms. Slew first thought she was out there to eat some of the grass nibblets that were growing in the round pen. I got her going at a walk (voice command!!) and she walked the perimiter of the pen. After a few minutes I asked her for a trot (again she listened) and she trotted off...sound and beautiful!!! Her hind end looks SO GOOD!! She has her beautiful movement back and even my trainer was "really impressed" not something she normally says. There was one instance of putting her butt towards me, and pinning her ears, but I reminded her (via lunge whip) that was unacceptable and she continued for a few minutes.

After her super willing, sweet behavior I took her in to wash her tail. It was just SO LONG and so dirty I wanted to get it clean before it gets too cold. I turned her back out into the long paddock on our side of the barn. This is when it gets adorable.

This paddock wraps around our barn like an L shape. It's part of our "fire emergency plan" paddock and where the horses are run out if (god forbid) there is ever a fire.

I was standing at one end of the barn talking to my Trainer about my pony's amazing ways, and I thought I heard nickering. I looked out the door and there stood Denali, nickering, and nickering at me. I smiled, and walked to the other end of the barn to finish my story, and next thing I know there is Ms. Slew nickering. She was following my voice, and following me. I love when I feel loved by my horse! (Love = respect)

About the boots: I bought some that were suppose to keep her legs cool. They are REALLY, REALLY nice, but also just too many straps for my liking. I'm selling them on e-bay now
and if you are interested, let me know. I like playing "Let's make a deal." I just need them in a new home.

By the end of the day today I may or may not have my Passier saddle. If I do I will need to get the tree adjusted, but the price is right! I hope it works out, but if not there will always be another saddle!

Ending this by sending good vibes to Andrea and Gogo. Gogo got out of her stall and got into a kicking match with some other horses. I really hope all is fine! Especially since I know how much work she has done rehabbing Gogo from her first injury! Denali got out once, scary, scary, scary....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

If you haven't seen this....

I got sent home from work today...apparently throwing up gets in the way of teaching...who knew! It's my new student's first day too. I feel bad. SO to make myself feel better I watched this. It made me giggle.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sandwich Snatcher

I had a lesson tonight on the Paint Mare, but before I got her I went to visit Ms. Slew and groom her. She was a dirty, dirty mare. She had her feet done on Monday, and was SO SO sore today, not impressed. I guess my farrier told my trainer she might be sore because the ground is so wet, and her frogs are soft. I'm not totally hoof knowledgeable, but I thought that's why they left some hoof wall, so that they didn't walk on their frogs?? Regardless, I am sort of done with watching Denali be sore.

I made her a nice warm bran mash and mixed some bute in with it so she'd feel a little better. I guess that wasn't enough because she stole my sandwich ham sandwich.... Sigh... Oh Slew, you shouldn't eat meat! You're a vegetarian!!

Good lesson on the paint mare. I was SO TIRED that I asked if we could cut it early, and finish it this weekend. Thankfully my trainer was flexible. Tomorrow I get one of my two new students. Yay (sarcasm). The other one comes on Monday. OH! How I wish I could explain what was going on at my job. I think I need another blog for that one!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Loss of Words.

Mark it down in history. I'm at a loss of words. All is fine in Denali world. She did manage to cut her leg (from running around and her hind legs hitting her front legs) but it was already healed before I found it. She seems happy and content. I haven't been doing much with her. School started on the 9th, and since then I've been busy, busy, busy. I have at least 3 meetings a week (not including staff meetings) and that has taken a real toll on ponykins time.

Yesterday work took a real toll on me. It was bad, oh so bad. I'm not sure how much I can say, or feel comfortable saying on the internet. I still need a job...someone needs to pay for ponykins.

Fun news? My husband took me shooting tonight at the gun range. I LOVED IT!! I might have a new hobby!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Remember me?

That would be my horse! I couldn't remember the last time I put a picture of Denali on here, so today when I was at the barn I decided that I needed an updated photo. Check out that hair! I haven't cut it since April. I have thinned it a few times, but haven't taken any length from it. I said that when she got hurt that I wasn't cutting it until she was sound. She's sound now, but I haven't ridden her in a few weeks. Now I'm going to wait until Spring to cut it. We'll see how long she can grow it. Work has been TOTALLY NUTS (hence the lack of posts this week) I don't even know how to explain that one. Let's just say that I do my job and because I do it the right way I keep getting screwed. I have 11 students now (which is a LOT for what I do) and the school 10 blocks away has 1. Yes, 1. That's what I get for doing my job. I get screwed.

I'll try to keep up this week!!