Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back in Training Day 1

Today was Denali's first day back in training since the accident in September and the Vet appointment on Saturday.

I love my pony. She is amazing. I feel like I'm floating on air when I ride her. She did a great job last night. She loves working, and she loves me.

I drove my trainer insane tonight making her help me perform Nero test on Denali. We still don't see "it" and I think that maybe she was just feeling lazy on Saturday. Horses can be lazy right? She definitely has an old dip in her hip once in a while and a hitch in her step once in a while, but not daily and not always. She's an OTTB, I'm wondering if these things are Nerological in order or lazy/sore/OTTB thing. Sigh.

Seriously. It is driving me INSANE!!!!!! Ugh.


joanna said...

One of my OTTBs has problems with a locking stifle if he stays in to much. He's out 24 hrs. a day usualy, but in winter sometimes he has to be in for 2 days straight because of a snow storm. Denali probably did hurt something in her past life. Racing is hard on the body.
I admire you for taking on the rough job of teaching special needs kids. My son has PDD, but thankfuly he has never bit anyone! But he can be very dificult to raise.
HaHa! Word verification exema!

SprinklerBandit said...

Yep, horses can be lazy. Sometimes just because and sometimes there's something going on, and since they can't talk, it can be extremely difficult to figure out the reason. I'm glad she's doing so well, and it sounds like you're doing better, too.