Thursday, October 15, 2009

Insurance & the Vet

So Denali still has a lump on her fetlock. It looks better, but it's not going away fast enough for me to feel good about putting her back into training. She's been sort of sitting since September 9th. I've ridden her a few times, but nothing fancy or difficult.

SO! The problem is that I have Denali insured. I didn't realize what a pain in the ass it is to go through to make a call to the vet. Even though I know that she won't be covered for the visit (at least I hope that she won't --only surgical) I STILL NEED TO CALL regardless. If the vet is coming, even if it's not a huge deal, then I need to call the insurance company. Boo.

What really irks me is that if she'd ever need put down I need to call first, then have her put down. I think that's a little crazy. I understand that people probably do horrible things to horses to make money, but wow. The lady on the phone (during my 25 minute conversation with her) told me that if I ever needed to put her down quickly, I need to call right after the vet does it. Yes, because I'm sure I'd be in the right frame of money to call. Ugh. Anyone else have their horse insured? Through who?

I hope I don't need to call the vet very often, especially since I'll need to do this song and dance every time.

OH! BTW! I got Denali the MOST AMAZING BLANKET EVER!! Wait until I post pictures!!

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