Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Blues.

Today was rough.

I DID NOT WANT TO GO TO WORK! That is how I feel every Monday, but especially today. Last night I proceeded to wash all my work clothes at the last minute. I was excited and pulled them out of the dryer and noticed that they had a few red splotches here and there. I looked closer and realized that I ruined my entire teaching wardrobe. All of it. I washed and dried my clothes with a red pen that exploded all over. I sat and cried and cried. My poor husband. I honestly don't know how he puts up with me.

Needless to say that after the vet appointment, and after the dryer incident I was not relaxed and ready to teach small children who bite me and call me names.

BUT I did have a super nice thing happen to me, which made going to work worthwhile. I got beautiful Gerber daisies and chocolate brought to me by a previous student's mom. She made me cry. I'm pretty sure I finished eating the chocolate before we even finished the chocolate.

Tomorrow's another day. I still spend every minute I have free thinking "what if" as it concerns Denali. I am going to continue training Denali to compete in Dressage. She loves to work and she gets very naughty when she just sits. She hates to be bored. If she does end up needing to retire at least she is happy now. I'm still praying (and have asked pretty much everyone I know to do the same) that Denali will be fine. I really don't see what the vet sees. I can't wait for the blood work so I know if I should get a second opinion or not.

Thanks for your support everyone!


SprinklerBandit said...

I don't know who else would appreciate this, so I thought I'd tell you...

My word verification on another blog was "panties". How funny is that, in a totally immature way?

Denali said...

Ha! That's awesome!!