Sunday, October 18, 2009

Calming down

So I spent last night reading everything I could about Wobblers and EPM. I don't see Denali displaying any of the symptoms of Wobblers, but then again maybe she's just starting to display them. You'd think they'd start to show up before she was 5 and a 1/2. There are a bunch of tests that the Vet didn't do on Denali. She had me hold her head up, and back her, but that's it. She said it's "slight" and that it could stop here, or progress. She also said that some top Dressage horses have the same degree of nerological problems that Denali has, and that's why Denali has such nice floaty gaits. I wanted to tell her that Denali has such nice floaty gaits because we've worked for over a year to get her to pick up her feet.

I hate this. I start to think about all the things I noticed over the past three months and how they might be the disease starting to take over her body, then I remind myself to stay calm. That's easier said than done!

I've decided I'm going to wait for the blood tests to come back and then I'm going to call out the Equine Hospital in the area to come out and evaluate her to get a second opinion.

Another thing it could be is a Vitamin E deficiancy. I read that the same symptoms can show up on a horse that is lacking Vit. E in their diet.

No matter what happens Denali is still going to have the best life possible, it just makes me sad to think she might not live long enought to be buried in my future houses' back yard. Since I got her I dreamed of turning 50 with Denali by my side (oh! And my husband.)

Thanks for the support!


joanna said...

From what little I know of wobbles, you see signs when the horse is very young. Also, it's very noticable. EPM happens at any age. I don't think I would worry to much.

On the insurance question, I had talked to my vet about getting it for my animals and he said he wouldn't bother, it wasn't worth it. Better to open a savings account for emergencies.

Denali said...

I agree with you!! I think that's what I'm going to do! Much easier in the long run!