Friday, October 30, 2009

EMP and Denali

I have been doing a lot of "what ifs" today.

What if Denali didn't step on herself when Ophelia double barrel kicked her.
What if I had called a day earlier and had gotten her normal vet.
What if I would have said, "skip the blood test." (It was really expensive itself)
What if I would have let her trainer lunge her...
What if....

What if I lose Denali?

If Denali wouldn't have gotten kicked and then hurt herself than I wouldn't have called out the vet. If I would have let Denali's trainer lunge her than she would have been less lazy and her "issues" would have been less pronounced. If I would have said "no" to the blood test then we would go on assuming it was a different issue.

Regardless through a series of events I know what's wrong now. Something I would have never have thought of before.

So at first I was very upset, but the way my husband put it, "A few thousand dollars is a lot less money than the price of your counseling for the rest of your life."

Very True!

Based on her neurological problems, along with her high titer. The laboratory is spinning out her blood to see how high her titer is. The vet, based on Denali's numbers, suspects that Denali does indeed have the disease. There are two options from here. The vet said she can refer us to the Equine hospital where Denali would need to have a spinal tap to determine if she is does have the disease. The other option is to skip the spinal tap (which is around $500 dollars) and go directly to treating her. The treatment is around $1,000 dollars. The vet said she feels that there is only a 5% chance that Denali does not have EPM based on her high numbers. Sigh....

I did find the drug online for a lot less. It is being sold through an online pharmacy. I could save 500 dollars on the drug. The Vet quoted me $1000 for one month of treatment. The online pharmacy has the price set at $780.00 and most importantly they'll sell single tubes of the medication. The vet said if she needs two months that I would need to buy two groups of medication for $1000 each. If she only needs an extra week than I can buy a tube from the online pharmacy. Hopefully the vet will okay the Rx.

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