Saturday, October 3, 2009

If you need a laugh. This is an awesome blog! I just wish that Denali could be calm enough for me to make her look like a giant sheep, or a dragon. Some of these costumes you can't even tell that that there is a horse under there...

In other Denali news, she's still playing pasture pet. Sigh. She's on bute and her fetlock keeps swelling up. It doesn't help that she keeps trying to kill other horses. Waiting until Monday then I'm going to call the vet (again.)

A little depressed that this is the first Sunday of the month. That's when the auction is at Enumclaw where I got Denali. The racing season is over at Emerald Downs. I read on another blog that 18 Thoroughbreds are going to head there. I really wish I could go there and give everyone who brings them in a piece of my mind.

Off to build fences at the rescue! More later!!! :)


SprinklerBandit said...

Oh, high maintenance horses. I've never booted horses up for turn out, so I may not be much help. My girls don't look like they're interfering when they run, so either I worry less than you (possible) or there is something going on (also possible). Or it could be a footing thing. Or who knows what.

Anyways. Turn out boots would have to be all weather, especially now, and non-slip (off the legs). I don't know what to recommend, but it sounds expensive. Let me know what you come up with.

Denali said...

Ha!! I came up with yelling at her and telling her if I need to buy boots it is going to come out of her treat fund. She didn't like that.