Friday, October 9, 2009


Look what happens when I get busy! I come back to 15 followers. :)

Guess what we did this week? I went to the barn on Tuesday and took Denali out of the field and threw the saddle back up on her (the first time at the barn since August.) Tightened the girth (no freak out!) and took her into the arena with 4 other horses. I definitely said a prayer as I swung my leg over her. She's huge! I forget how big she is until I ride other horses. She was a peach. One of the boarders little brother was outside, and it was dark, so Denali definitely decided that he was going to kill her. She had 4 little spooks, but not bad, more like big bunny hops. I started singing a song to keep myself calm. I forget how it went, but it was ridiculous of course.

She was such a good girl with the other horses in the arena. She still pins her ears and looks like she's going to bite off one of their ears, but she doesn't.

On Wednesday just Ophelia's mom and I were at the barn. It was quiet and I love when it's quiet. There was a jumping lesson earlier and the cross poles (an X, it's been a while and I forget what it's really called) were still set up. We worked on transitions (and again I didn't die) and things went really well. I decided to take Denali over the X (very small X at that) and at first she went right through it and knocked everything down. I then had a flash back (15 years) and vaguely remembered how to jump. The next time we went over it, we actually jumped it. It was so much fun! She seemed so SO proud of herself. My trainer was so proud of her, it was very cute. There was Ophelia jumping and doing everything perfect, and Denali got all the attention because she jumped a 6" cross rail. I felt like we were "special." It was a great riding week!

On the classroom front, I was told by one of my six year olds, "Ms. F, when I love you, I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU! When I hate you, I really REALLY FUCKING HATE YOU." Sigh. My job his hilarious! I really think they need their own blog, but I'm sure someone would find it and find it offensive and try to sue me or something. I'll keep to writing about my EBD (Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities) horse rather than the EBD kids.

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SprinklerBandit said...

Woohoo, riding again! I'm glad Denali was good for you, and I'm jealous that your girl started jumping before my poopy mare decided she could. ;-) Oh well. Have a good week!