Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

The Vet didn't call me back yesterday with a deficient yes or no on the medication. I found it for so much cheaper online, but I need her to fill out he Rx for Denali. I'm ready to start treating her now, and I'm over myself. No I'm just anxious to get the medication because I don't want any serious side effects to start with Denali.

Please hurry vet!!


Frizzle said...

Good luck with everything! As others have pointed out, plenty of horses recover from EPM and continue to lead productive lives. It sounds like Denali is going to be one in that category.
Hopefully, you can get the medication for cheap. I know that, years ago, my trainer bought EPM medicine from Canada for one of our school horses.

Denali said...

Canada! There's an idea!! I'm sure she'll be fine! :) Yesterday was the first day I looked at her and thought "You're sick"