Sunday, November 29, 2009

Denali in Pictures

So, things are crazy right now, but I just wanted to post some pictures of Denali. She seriously is SO SHINY! Especially in the sun (when it does come out.) Maybe she's a vampire? I know that Ophelia would agree with that. I'm going to go order more Cocosoya oil as soon as these pictures are up! I 'm going to try to find someone to share Denali with me. I made an ad, but trying to find the perfect person to share your horse is hard. The lease is really cheap, and only covers the lessons that I want her lessor to take.

Anyway, our horrible attempt at taking photos!

Look at how long her tail is now!! Yikes! I almost forgot about it until I took it out of the tail bag!


Frizzle said...

Wow!! She really is looking very shiny!

Denali said...

Yeah! I'm impressed! I just ordered a 5 gallon container of Cocosoya oil. That is without any grooming (minus her tail which was in a tail bag) just took off her blanket.

Frizzle said...

Yeah, that stuff even made my flea-bitten grey shine (which is pretty difficult to do!).
I can't imagine what you must be paying for shipping, though. I'm glad I have Uckele dealer about 25 minutes from my house.!

Denali said...

I got shipping for 1/2 off. But yeah, it is expensive!