Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pony, Pony, Pony

Went out last night to quickly see the girl. Gave her her treat ball and let her just be a horse for a little bit. She was shaking while she was trying to eat her treats, my husband got upset (it's the first time he's made it out in two months) when he saw her. "When are you getting the medication? Why can't the vet hurry up." It made me glad to realize how much he does love her. The Vet said she was fine to ride. Her rating is only a 1 on the Neuro testing. Denali is tight in the tendons, so I think part of her shaking is from stretching down to eat the treats. She's always done it, so I'm interested to know if it is from the tight tendons or if it is from the EPM. Hum...

I ordered her medication last night from an online pharmacy. It was a lot less than the vet quoted me. I still don't have a Rx for it yet from the Vet. I am hoping that she'll give it the "okay"

Today I went out to the barn, but thought that drinking 2 bottles of wine on my own last night would be a good idea, so I didn't ride very long. Denali's trainer rode her for about forty five minutes. I rode for about ten minutes. She was very forward and smooth. Her swollen leg is still swollen. (Left hind fetlock.) It looks really bad today. It has some scabbing on it, so I assume still that she stepped on herself (which she's started to do-hence vet out) She's not off at all, and it was x-rayed clean two weeks ago. I wish I knew what I could do t get the swelling down. Ideas? The Vet said it could be permanent. When she's worked it goes down a little. She'll start stocking up because she doesn't run around much in her paddock in the winter.

Happy November!


SprinklerBandit said...

Good luck with the treatment. It helps that your husband sounds really supportive.

My old mare's legs used to get really swollen if she stood around for too long. Too long, apparently, was one day. She didn't do it all the time, but when she did, it looked weird. She also had a hematoma on her hip that took months to go away and there was something similar on her legs that took a while to dissipate.

Maybe it's a thoroughbred thing? I don't know. Good luck, all the same.

Arctic Woman said...

My t-bred used to stock up and was "cracking and popping" so I decided to give her Adequan IM injections. Just another expense! It's about $1000 for the first year, and like $350 every year after. I just gave her the "loading dose" and followed up monthly injections for 6 months. I don't have enough good things to say about it. I also injected my dog, who after chasing after the horses for an hour or so would be so sore she'd yelp when standing up, and was VERY stiff. She is no longer sore. You could also wrap the legs with polo wraps every day, and if she's stepping on herself, get some Prof. Choice SMB boots for riding, and possibly for turnout. Good luck.

Denali said...

Thanks! My friend gives her TB (Ophelia) Adequin shots and it is amazing!! She (Ophie) is a totally different horse!

Maybe it's a hematoma on her leg?! That would explain the swelling. Hum.... I'm glad I have this blog, it's where I get all my ideas!