Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wind Storm

Wrote my blog this morning thinking that I wouldn't have a chance again to write a lot later this week, but I'm so excited/proud that I had to babble on here.

There has been HUGE storms here in Seattle. Imagine high winds/excessive rain two things that Denali doesn't exactly enjoy. I was suppose to have a lesson tonight but on my way to the barn my trainer called to tell me what the weather was like on the east side of the lakes (Sometimes it's TOTALLY different and only 20 miles, it's weird.) Ophelia's mom and I were already stuck on the 520 bridge so we figured we'd go out to see the girls for a little bit and skip riding. I haven't seen Denali since Saturday and I was starting to miss her.

Got to the barn and it was PITCH BLACK. The power had gone out. It reminded me of how horror movies start. Ophelia's mom and I grabbed flashlights and walked out to their paddock. Denali has a Rambo Supreme blanket with reflective tape on it. As soon as we flashed the lights the poor things took off running around. We figured they assumed we were aliens. We walked into the paddock and started walking towards them. I yelled Denali's name loud enough so she'd hear it and the sweet things stopped running and stood waiting for me to get to her. She was so good (this is the horse who would jump 10 feet in the air at any sudden movement 6 months ago) and let me put her halter on. Walking in towards the barn she had her head up higher and she definitely looked nervous, but kept looking at me sighing. I know that sounds stupid, but it felt really good.

Let her run around the arena to kick up her heels (after the lights came back on) with Ophelia. They were so cute! I almost think that they do synchronized running. They'll roll the same way, run and turn almost as if they practice it. It makes me sad to think that someday down the road Ophelia's mom and Denali and I will go our seperate ways and the girls won't have each other anymore. That's not for a few years so I'll worry about that later.

Exciting news? We made Denali back tonight and she almost looked normal. Her legs went straight back, the way that they are suppose to! I think the meds are working! Fingers crossed!!

I really appreciate everyone's comments! Read my other post from today because I really want to hear what you think about feed and horses. Also :) is it a bad thing I want 4 more followers to make it an even 25 (yes I realize that 25 isn't even) ? Probably... ;) Thanks everyone!

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