Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Earning teacher of the year....

This week is parent teacher week at my school. There are no students. That I think might be my favoriate part of teaching elementary school. If you're just tuning in, I taught middle school EBD (Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities) for 5 years before coming to the "dark side" elementary school EBD. I was terrified, I was upset, I was dumbfounded when THIS is where I ended up. I WAS NOT PLEASED. I hate small children, no offense, I didn't think I could deal with kids. Not happy. Not happy one bit. Althought, through the past 49 days (which I know due to my scoops of ice cream on my "Count to 100" chart in my calander time area) I have learned to love the little ones. I actually find myself sad when I put them on the bus on Friday afternoons. That is mostly because they get all crazy over the weekend, but they are cute and they do love me.

I went today (due to my lack of students and parents) to visit the kids I had last year at their new middle school. (Our middle school closed due to lack of funding.) Picture this. I have on no makeup, NONE. I look like a hot mess with jeans I plan on wearing to the barn in two hours, and an old hoodie that is a bit too snug on my evergrowing fat roll. My hair is a mess and my "curling" cream I put on it today decided that it would make it straight. Sigh... Oh well, I didn't care.

I got to the school around lunch time and sat with them in the cafeteria. Advice. If you ever are feeling extra crappy, and think you look like shit, sit in a middle school cafeteria. I think I was hit on around 10 times by different boys. I informed them all that:
A. I am a teacher,
B. You have really bad taste in women and
C. That's gross.

I forgot what ragging hormones are like at that age. I do not miss that at all!! It was pretty funny though.

Going out to the barn after my last conference. A lot to do in a short period of time. I am eatting my lunch at the moment and should finish and get back to "work."

Yesterday I had a Kindergarten student's parent complain about her child being "bullied" by one of my kids. I told her that her son shouldn't feel too special because this particular student does it to everyone. :)

I do work hard. I promise! Actually, I become pretty anal and crazy about my job! Don't ever get me started about behavior modification, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, etc. I LOVE IT! I can discuss behavior at lenght with anyone. I love changing behaviors, I love everything about it!

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