Sunday, November 8, 2009

Magic Pants!

I hadn't planned to go to the barn today, but this morning my trainer called me at 9:30 (something that NEVER happens) and my first thought "something's wrong." Well, luckily nothing was wrong and she was just calling to tell me she found a really nice tack sale.

A few hours later Ophie's mom, Ophie's mom's SO, and myself went to the tack sale which was at an amazing H/J barn. I found two pairs of schooling breeches for $15.00 along with a hanger for my tack locker. I was pretty excited.

Went to the barn and decided that I wouldn't be a chicken so I took the wild pony beast (Otherwise known as Denali) out of her field and groomed her up, threw on a pair of my "new" breeches and took Denali into the arena and hoped up. I rode her for about 3 minutes when she decided that she saw dead people and needed to take off at a dead run. I really thought that I was coming off, I even almost lost my iron, BUT thanks to my new magic FULL SEAT BREECHES my ass didn't budge! I ran Denali into the wall and then gave her a good pet for stopping then went back to the working trot.

I only rode her for about 10 minutes total, but since I was the only one in the barn, and I had Denali doing everything I wanted her to do I called it a success and hopped off. I'm not even sitting here writing this still cowering in fear. I feel hopeful! Hell, last time she did that I came flying off. I love my magic pants.

And now, for some video of my wild pony beast. Take note of her stupid boots she has to wear when she's going to run since she keeps gashing herself.

Notice that she WAS running and THEN she saw the camera. She's such an attention whore. She cracks me up sometimes. (That's Ophie she's turned out with.) This was day 2 of medication. She actually got excited when she saw the tube of meds. It must taste okay. I also give her lots of treats once she swallows them.


SprinklerBandit said...

Hooray magic pants! (Though I'm inclined to think your riding was a big part of why you stayed on, too.)

eventer79 said...

Ahahahahah, oh how I love a horse with personality! Spunky lil' thing, isn't she?

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

wow..she has power! Beautiful thing!