Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I miss the sun

It now gets dark at 4:50 now. I don't get out of work until 4 o'clock and even then I'd argue that it's "dark out." I miss the sun. I miss the warm weather. I miss the long days.

Seattle has a term that I've never heard anywhere else that the local weathermen use:

Sun Breaks

They use "Sun Breaks" as part of their daily weather update, "Today will be cloudy with some sun breaks." I think it's funny. I also find it hilarious that my students all say "sunny" when I ask them what they think the weather will be like for the day (during calendar time.) Finally I asked them today, while the clouds rolled in, "why do you say sunny when there is no sun?" Their response, "Because if we keep saying sun maybe it will come back out." Have I mentioned how cute my kids are?

Haven't seen Denali since Sunday. I rode her for a little bit, she did great. I got the 'okay' from the vet for the online Rx. Hopefully she'll get it soon and start treatment.

Hope all is going well with everyone!! Soak up some sun for me!!


SprinklerBandit said...

I miss summer. And sun. And warm. And everything.

Frizzle said...

No prob, I live in Miami, which is like living directly ON the sun.

Hope Denali is doing well, and I'm glad that you will be able to get the meds soon!