Thursday, July 1, 2010


I can't even give this post a title. I'm too f!@#ing upset.

Denali is fine before your heart jumps in your mouth.

The vet called me this morning to discuss Denali's leg. She didn't seem to think that there was anything in there and asked me if she could do some more x-rays on it. "Sure!"

A little while later she calls and asks if she can ultrasound it. "Um. Yeah?"

A little while later she calls me to tell me that they're not going to do the surgery after all. Denali tore a ligament (don't remember which one, and too upset to go find her discharge papers) away from the bone, and since here body is trying to heal it they didn't want to go in. It's one of the stabilizing ones.

She said that doing shock wave could help do something (I don't remember what, I think it has to do with resurfacing the area) to keep her sound "for now." For now!? What in the hell. She said that Denali will quickly develop arthritis in that joint and that down the road that injections will help, and possibly fusing the bones in the joint. How !@#$ing Awesome is that!? Shock Wave should slow down the development of arthritis. I put this picture on my facebook and right away someone made a comment of "Oh DO I Have stories of Shockwave and Pilchuck." That's such an appropriate thing to say to someone who JUST had it done (insert upset sarcasm here.)

Know what that means??!

Anyone? Anyone remember how AWESOME my insurance is? I'd love to offer a cash reward, but I don't have any of that anymore.

It means that I get the vet bill. All $1,330.30 of it. Oh how !@#$ great is that! Because I totally have it laying around. Best part? We get to do it again in 2 weeks. UGH!

Worst part? I honestly don't know if I can send her to Pegasus anytime soon. This Vet bill wasn't expected (remember that thing called insurance? Yeah, I expected them to pay.) I know that people should have money saved up for emergencies, and we DID, and then EPM happened, this happened, and the torn suspsensory happened.

Thanks for everyone's concerns and well wishes! Denali got them all. She was a good girl on the way home and HATES, HATES, HATES the wraps on her legs. They come off tomorrow, so that's good!

I need to go find things to sell.... wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the vet bills - ouch! But glad she didn't need surgery - the rehab from that would have been longer.

Laura Maynard said...

Sorry the insurance isn't coming through for you... that really sucks. Lots of jungles for you and Denali!

Rachel said...

I'm so so sorry. Its a pitty that you had saved AND had insurance and you are still stuck with a bill with which your family shouldn't be burdened. I haven't taken those precautions and my worst fear is that Granite will (inevitably) be injured and I won't know what to do... besides take on some serious debt.

Thoughts are with you and your girl.

I am so sorry!

Drillrider said...

So sorry to hear that is the outcome. Horses are so B-I-G, yet at the same time, so fragile.

I know your frustration. My arab gelding is still limping from a pulled impar ligament, where he tore a piece of bone off of his navicular bone. I'm currently in the wait-and-see-where-he-ends-up mode. They didn't say anything to me about arthritis, but you can bet your boots I'm going to ask them about it now after reading your blog.

Hang in there and I had sure wished the insurance had come through for you! That bites!!

Karen said...

I am so sorry to hear this and I can't image how incredibly frustrating this is for you. It sounds like you have done so much for this mare. Hugs and jingles.

Gingham said...

How disheartening. I guess its these times when we just hug our mares and try not to think more than one day at a time??

I'm not saying its a 'waste', but never not once has insurance helped me out when it counted. So frustrating. As owners we do all we can to guard ourselves and our horses, and yet... it seems like somehow we always end up here...

My best thoughts to you and Miss D. If Pia would stop convulsing I'm sure she'd say the same. :)

stay tough and keep breathing!!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

oh girlfriend..I'm sorry. Those vet bills can seem so unfair especially when there's no true fix in sight, seemingly. I do think not doing the surgery can be a total blessing in disguise. Major disguise.
Seriously one day at a time. What I've learned is that these big animals, although sooo fragile, can sometimes fix themselves over time. I hope this is the case with Miss D. She's an athlete..she will pull thru and so will you!!!!
Also..instead of selling more stuff, why dont u throw a much needed "my pony is broke" party and get some drinking and gambling involved and all charity goes to miss D. Is that illegal?? LOL!

Frizzle said...

That is very frustrating -- but, like Kristen said, Denali not having surgery is most likely a blessing. Surgery on a horse's leg is a pretty big deal (not that the ligament thing isn't a big deal, of course!).
Does your vet make you pay the whole balance upfront, or can you make payments? I was lucky enough that, when Mac had his huge colic episode, my vet let me pay the bill off over several months, with only a 1.5% interest rate. That really helped!
All of us in the horsey blogosphere are thinking of you and Denali and sending positive vibes your way! Hang in there, girl -- I know this is a very trying time for you both, but you're strong & will pull through it. :-)

Miles On Miles said...

I have to agree with Kristen-throw a party! "My Pony is Broke" is a great title... you could make serious coin. I know a couple who did this for a financial problem they were having-they got a Keg, bought hotdogs and hamburgers in bulk, and invited everyone they knew. They made over a thousand dollars!!
I have no idea what your barn is like, but could you have it there? There's lots of land obviously, and people could SEE Denali. You could have her pose for pictures with people for even more cash. Dang, I wish you weren't so far away, I would totally help you plan it:)