Monday, May 31, 2010

Change of Plans

I called Pegasus last week to see if I could come in today instead of Saturday. I wanted to go to a horse show, and I also wanted my trainer to see the facility. We got lost on our way there of course, and ended up getting there 15 minutes late. The first thing we saw was the Water Center. It was amazing, there were 4 horses in the center, two in the hot walker, one on the underwater treadmill, and one getting a bath. It was beautiful! The whole place was beautiful.
We talked about a "game plan" for Denali and what it was that she was going to need. The biggest thing that I don't want is for Denali to come back a buff monster. I want her to be fit, and have that leg back to feeling good, but I do NOT want to hope back up on a horse and ride her after an extensive lay-up. That could be ugly, really ugly.

The vet comes back in a week or so. I need to call and schedule the appointment. I am a slacker horse mom. I went out today to see her, I haven't been out much in the past week. I'm a horrible horse mom. I have had work, work, work for the past week and a half. The cut on her leg is healing, I'm lucky my trainer took pity on her and started to treat it. Denali apparently HATES the stuff she puts on it, but it looks SO GOOD! I think the hair is going to come back in white though. Maybe I can register her as a Pinto? :)

My favoriate part of this pool (which is 16feet deep!) is the sign. "NO Horseplay."


Karla said...

Wow! What a b-e-a-utiful facility! I'm really pulling for you here, I hope you are able to get D over there asap!!

Karen said...

OMG that place is gorgeous!

Drillrider said...

Yowzah--That place is the Horsey HILTON for sure!

Beth said...

Wow that place is over the top!