Monday, August 2, 2010

You know who you are :0)

I had an allergy attack last night. They are horrible, and they leave me in a daze and unable to do much. I didn't go to the barn. I didn't clean my house. I didn't get out of bed. I went to work, sneezed non-stop for 6 hours came home took as many drugs as I could without dying of an overdose and then passed out for 4 hours. I woke up and decided to drag myself into the street to get the mail. I had a letter...then I noticed it was addressed to Denali. I had to smile, I love getting mail for her.
I opened the letter and instantly started to cry. I just wanted to publicly thank you for your gift. You know what was in that envelope, and when I saw it I started to cry, then I started to bawl... my neighbors thought I was nuts and I showed them and they think you're pretty amazing too. I hope that your gift doesn't take away from anything you need!!

Thank you. A million thank yous. Thank you for your gift. It will come in VERY handy tomorrow when both the vet and the farrier come out. I'm really nervous about tomorrow. If she's not making progress healing we're going to block her to make sure something else isn't going on. I hope we don't need to block her.

I started this blog to document the progress of Denali and I as a green horse and a green rider. I thought it would be about our progress together. It's funny the way life works out. I'd consider myself more of a pea green, almost yellowish rider now ;) and Denali, well the only thing she needs to worry about now is healing. Lots of healing Denali. My favorite part of this blog? It's you! I love the support that I've felt through Denali's injuries, illnesses, and healing. A million thank yous' to you, our followers.

And to the author of the letter that brightened my day, an extra hug from Ms. Denali and I.


Gingham said...

Hang in there Lady!! and good luck today with all the pony appointments... P will be thinking of you!

(ps- my "comment verification" word is "wine" which may or may not be my coping mechanism of choice... drinks soon, you work too close to me!)

Denali's Mom said...

We should have a pony barn visit day complete with wine :) I laugh at pia's name sometimes. That's what I called Denali for a while PIA (Pain IN the Ass) :)