Sunday, August 1, 2010


My parents show up in T-3 days. I was planning on not going to the barn today, and instead cleaning my house and getting it "parent ready." I slept in, which is one of my favorite past times next to riding horses (actually, I keep a pillow in my car and often nap at the barn.)

Around 9:45 I got a text message from a mom at the barn. Her husband and her decided to buy their daughter (sweetest kid ever and you know my thoughts on young ones) the horse she's been leasing for the past two years. I had told her a year ago if they decide to buy her let me know and I'll decorate her. Well, yesterday was her birthday and today she got her present! I ran to the barn and make the poor mare face glow with all the hot pink ribbons I put on her.
Mareface is SUPER CUTE and the sweetest thing ever. The girl, who turned 14 yesterday, thought we decorated her just for fun. She didn't catch on that we decorated her because she was now hers. We were all a little confused. Once she figured it out, it was adorable. She made me cry. Sweetest kid!

In Denali world... what a better way to spend your day than tilling, seeding, and watering a paddock. *yes! I do know it's not the best time to seed, but I also know that even if they don't grow now, they will grow when it's the "right time" my farmer friends told me. ;) *

Mareface is currently in the stallion enclosure. It's no where near any other horses, and is totally flat (well...almost.) I hate it, but she needs to be somewhere that she won't kill herself. Last week I fenced off the paddock and made it so she can't run around. It's going to be a while before she can be in a big pasture again, SO I decided to make the best of it for her. I spent the better part of 4 hours turning the hard-packed dirt (it hasn't been used in a while, and therefore 0 grass) planting the grass, and then turning the dirt and watering. The little girl who got the horse this morning helped me. I won't lie. I had so much fun planting the grass.

I bought a nice organic mixture of orchard grass, timothy, and I think Kentucky something or another... regardless i hope some of it grows!
Week 1 of Grass growing attempt
The Morgan and I need to have a discussion on life. Topics this week include saddle fit, bit fit, bits, teeth check, massage, and a re-introduction to side reins (soon to be Vienna Reins as soon as they get here.) I'm hoping our discussion on life gets us somewhere. She's really stubborn and opinionated and I'm the first person who is requiring her IN YEARS to actually carry herself. This leads to many battles.... I'm fine with the battles, they make me a better rider and help me to learn new ways to deal with different ways to be a pain. I'm not okay if those battles are because something physically is wrong. I honestly don't think there is anything wrong, and she's just being The Morgan, but before getting too mean and nasty...

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Carol said...

Love the birthday horse. Nice story.
Good luck with the grass growing!

Laura M. said...

Sorry the show was rough... never fun when that happens. Best of luck getting Ms. Morgan sorted out. What a sweet birthday present for that young lady, she'll probably remember it as her best birthday ever! Hope you have a good time with your family :)

Miles On Miles said...

Awwww, a horse for her birthday! I would've died from happiness:)

Good for you for doing all the hard work in seeding a pasture. I hope Denali is able to enjoy the fruits (er, grass) of your labor someday soon:)