Saturday, August 14, 2010

Denali Seal of Approval-Nibblenet

What is the Denali seal of approval? It is something special that I've decided to give out to certain things that Denali uses that actually hold up to her munching, crunching, bashing, crashing, banging, thrashing. There are not a lot of things. I won't mention or feature things that DO NOT hold up since I don't want to stir up trouble. We all know how I handle trouble.

Today's item is something that I bought for her in May after she had been on stall rest for a month, and was set to be on stall rest for another three. Joy! How does one keep a Thoroughbred who has a very active mind, and an even more active gut happy?

Tada! The Nibblenet that horse honestly beat the crap out of it and it still looks exactly like it did the day that I ordered it. It was exactly what I needed to keep her occupied, and most importantly HAPPY. I looked at other hay nets, but have tried them in the past, and Denali usually just chewed through the bag (two of them to be exact) to get the hay out. No chewing of the nibblenet! It cost a little more than a regular hay net, but SO worth it! It's made of great material, and solid stitching. Also it makes her actually slow down and chew her food, just what a good mom wants for their kid!

(Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement, although that would be awesome and if anyone ever wanted to send me free stuff to see how long it would take Denali to destroy it...feel free!! I can guarantee she is great at breaking things!)

I want to make a stamp and put it on a nibblenet, but would need to get permission from the person who makes them.... LOVE IT!

And that my friends is my ramble for the evening...


Beth said...

I have seen those and thought about getting one for my fat mare. I just bought a few of the regular slow eater hay nets, same concept, small her holes. If she destroys that I may have to get on of these.

Leah Fry said...

I need a new hay net for the trailer (you can guess why), so I'll look into one.

Laura M. said...

Sigh... I wonder if Panache would deal with this one. I got her a slow feeder net (small holes) and she tore it down twice.... she was so mad! The second time she literally stomped on it!!

Drillrider said...

Laura M.: LOL-I could SO see my mare doing that!

I haven't bought one yet, but have filed this blog post in my memory banks. My problem is that I have all the horses together, so would have to buy 3 (or 4) of them.

Denali's Mom said...

Drillrider, the nibblenet person makes really big ones. Denali's is a medium and it lasts her all day.

Laura, Denali tried to tear it down, but couldn't! Honestly, if it survived Denali, it can survive anything