Monday, August 30, 2010

We're back!

I'm back from the great state of Wyoming, and adjusting to this thing people call work. Let's just say that I'm not super excited about the prospect of working 9-5 again. I enjoyed my few weeks off. Oh, side note: teachers Do not get paid in the summer! We do get money but it's just what we make during the year spread out. We don't get paid for nothing. I had a heated discussion on the cruise ship about this. I am not a slacker.

So much to talk about, but no need to bore you with small details in my life. Our trip was wonderful, we stayed two nights in Yellowstone, where I swear to god I almost killed several people. If you've ever been to Yellowstone, AND grew up where you had black bears in your back yard, you know what I'm talking about. I LOVED the people who walked right up to the bison, because that warning pamphlet they gave you when you came in was just to use as fire starter. Seriously, people were dumb. People parked their cars ON the road to take pictures of black bears, getting out and walking up to them. It is NOT a damn petting zoo people. I started calling this back up and parking fiasco a "Unicorn Sighting" because that was going to be the ONLY way that I wasn't going to get totally pissed off at them. If you've done this, I'm sorry, but Ugh!!! It's easy for me to get frustrated. I use to have black bears in my back yard every year. Not too exciting to me. I totally understand wanting to see the bear, BUT parking your car ON THE ROAD, and walking to the bear....NOT SMART! However, Yellowstone was really cool and I loved the hot pots, and all the water features. It was pretty amazing.

After Yellowstone we went to a Lodge on the Greys River where my husband (then boyfriend) worked during the winter. Seriously, it was amazing and beautiful!! Middle of nowhere, no cell phones, no lights, no TV's. It took a few days to adjust, but I loved it and was very sad to leave. The picture above is our cabin, Not the main lodge. It is an AMAZING place, and the people who run it are such wonderful, people. If you're ever in the Jackson Hole area, look up the Box Y. My husband and I made a few friends while we were there too, Belle and Quincy.

Belle is a Percheron/QH cross and Quincey is a papered Quarter Horse. Most of the horses that they had are Percheron/QH crosses. They had a few QH and a set of Percheron's that they use to feed the Elk at the state feed grounds up the road. We took Belle and Quincey riding with the owner's daughter. I last saw her when she was 10, she's grown up into a fine horsewoman. She's 15 now and almost as tall as I am. I asked her what her horses name was and had to snicker when she said, "Splash, but he thinks it's Whoa Dammit." I know that feeling.

LOVED IT!!! So amazing and wonderful. It was fun to ride a totally bomb proof horse, plus she was beyond beautiful, which was fun too. Not that mare-face isn't beyond beautiful, but she's not a blue roan, so Belle had that going for her...

Overall, if I ever just stop babbling on here...I might just run away to Wyoming and live there. Although I'm still not sure if I can ride in a Western Saddle. My butt hurt!!

On to Mare-Face. My mare-face is doing well. She had her teeth done while I was gone because they went from "should be done in a month" to "super sharp with ulcers developed." I'm a great horse owner! I called my vet in a panic before I left trying to get her in before I was gone, but she was booked, and Princess wasn't dying. She's good now but I'm giving it this week to make sure it's all healed and good. Plus that job of mine started today, so I will be busy all week.

I think I've explained this before, my husband (a huggle, non-horse person) is an amazing man. I love him more than anything (even more than mare-face, but don't tell her!) He came out to the barn today, and even though Denali only sees him 7 or 8 times a year,she OBSESSIVELY LOVES HIM! It's so cute! We were working on showmanship today, and having a reminder course on manners, and she was perfect for him. She did start doing a Morgan stretch. Not sure what that's about, I laughed and said that she was trying to be like the Monster Morgan so maybe I'd ride her too. We did a little trotting in hand to see how she moves. Like a wet noddle. She has zip, zilch, nada muscle tone. Poor girl. Works start soon Ms. Nawlers, no matter how cute you think you look in the paddock doing nothing.

Enough babbling... No need to bore you with minor details!


Laura M. said...

Huggle... Love it! I'm totally calling my man a Huggle now. And Panache does the same thing as Denali, loves all over him! lol
Glad to hear that you had great vacations and really enjoyed the time with Hubby.

goodtimetoreview said...

I know what you mean about the idiots getting up close and personal to the wildlife. We have a lot of trouble with people back where I come from feeding black bears on the highway, then the bears end up getting hit by cars. One story that sticks out in my mind was a mamma bear had a cinnamon colored baby bear (super rare) so everyone was stopping and taking pictures and feeding them…well mamma bear got hit by a car so someone took baby bear to the zoo in Winnipeg and he has been on display there ever since…I saw him a few years ago and he (like every animal in that zoo) looked super depressed. And it all happened because people are idiots…lol..k that was pretty harsh…but you know what I mean… :-)

P.S I'm jealous of your trip...sounds AMAZING!

Gingham said...

We just opened a branch in Jackson Hole!! I totally "volunteered" to go over and "help" with the opening, but apparently they didn't need me. What gorgeous country.. glad you got to go disconnect from the world!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! So glad your trip was great, but happier to have you posting again =)

Gryph said...

There's one story on Customerssuck about some idiot who left his car alarm on while visiting Chincoteague Island. Some of the ponies decided to check out his super expensive sports car.

One of the mares was using it for a scratching post, when the alarm started going off. The stallion of the band went batshit, and started beating the everliving SHIT out of that car!

Meanwhile, the idiot's yelling at the ranger to shoot the horse. The ranger just told him it was a federal crime to disturb the horses, so if the guy didnt turn the alarm off, HE'D get a fine.

Alarm off, the horses trotted off, leaving behind a fancy sports car with several thousand dollars worth of damage. And the lawsuit that followed got thrown out of court. (I checked up on the story later online and found out about the suit.) %D