Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out of office

I'm currently sitting in Montana on a rode trip with my husband. Your regularly scheduled posts will be back next week. Until then, what was your favorite pony-related thing this summer? P.S My awesome little brother bought me the Verizon Droid. How did I live without this phone. I only feel slightly guilty that he pays my bill as my birthday/x-mas gift. Slightly.


Leah Fry said...

My favorite pony-related thing has been getting up early on Sunday mornings to play in the arena with my friends. Barn buddies and ponies — does it get any better?

Miles On Miles said...

Eeek! I love my Droid:)
My favorite pony thing has been doing canter work with Miles. Even though we are faaaaar from perfect in either direction, his canter is like a rocking chair, and I'm just so happy to ride a horse at all three gaits again:) No bucking included:)

JennyB said...

Mine has got to be bringing Tina and Traveller home and the great giggle from my son when he rode Tina at her gait! What did I ever do without these two???

~~ JennyB, Horsefeathers

Becky said...

Mine was getting my pony to a nice, safe barn. We had a bit of a nightmare at our old barn (I'm sure anyone who boards their horse can understand) & I am just so relieved to be at a place where she is SO pampered & well cared for. It may be more money out of my pocket, but it's so worth it for the peace of mind. :)