Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out of Office

I'm awake now!

I had a good ride on the Morgan last night. It was fun to ride and have my parents watch. I had to explain to my dad over and over again that he CAN NOT give the Morgan carrots before I ride her. She becomes a PAIN if she gets fed before.

Good ride, Denali was good, and now, now I won't be around for 9 days!! Yikes!

Why you ask??

My parents are in Seattle because we're leaving for a cruise to Alaska tomorrow. They called about a month ago and asked if I wanted to go.

"No, I can't go mom. I have had alot of bills and can't afford to go anywhere."

"Oh, well we're going to pay for you to go as your birthday present."

(pause, thinking about how everytime I am with my mom for more than 3 seconds I want to pull my hair out.)


So, I'm going to Alaska on my parents dime. Sigh, I'm such a loser!! Ha ha!! I told her as long as I don't get anything for Christmas or my Birthday (which is in prepared for me to go into deep depression) then I would love to go.

SO no pony posts for a week! I left my anal instructions for Denali and drove everyone crazy at the barn yesterday. I hate leaving her!! At least now I know that she will be taken care of. That makes me feel better!!

One cute thing from mom asked to meet Ophelia. I introduced them and my mom decided that since I owned Ophie once (for about 3 hours, long story and I talked about it in November) that means that she can STILL be Ophie's grandma. Then she proceeded to feed her about 8 pounds of carrots.

I'm glad my parents love horses!!

Until the 13th! Have fun safe rides!


in2paints said...

I went on an Alaskan cruise the beginning of July. It was so much fun! You'll have a blast!

I was with "family" too, and I managed to enjoy myself with no problem. :)


Gingham said...

I've done that trip a few times, and worked it once... once upon a time...

Have so much fun!

Leah Fry said...

Have a great vacation. I need one myself.