Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Warmbloods and Fast Horses

Worked for the dressage trainer again today. Grooming one of her horses is like grooming two Denali's they are MASSIVE. I can't even imagine how much some of them weigh, but unlike Denali they have impeccable manners. I guess if Denali was for sale for $80,000 I would expect her to have impeccable manners too. Not saying she's horrendous, but these guys are special. I'll still stick with my auction purchase, although I told her today that I was going to sneak one of them home. He is the sweetest, sweetest boy with the kindest eye. LOVE HIM!

One of the horses at the other barn was given to her because he had a severe suspensory injury. I got to work him yesterday and today (lunging.) He's such a good boy, but sort of reminds me of a hermit. He doesn't want to leave his loafing shed, doesn't want to go anywhere. Once I got him working he looked slightly better at the trot then he did yesterday, but as soon as I asked him to move it out a bit he looked horrible. Poor boy. He's lucky he's where he is, the trainer is an amazing person. I think she's going to send him out to pasture for a year to see if that helps. I think he needs to be a horse. The injury is old, and at this point is as healed as it's going to get. He has a lot of scar tissue that needs to break up.

Love her horses!

Speaking of love. I went to see the new Secretariat movie tonight! My trainer (who I also love) had four tickets to a pre-screening. It was AMAZING!!!! A little different than going to the regular movies. They searched your bag and used a medal detector on you. Four large men watched the audience at all times with night vision lenses. Aside from that, the movie was SO GOOD! I can't say enough about how much I loved it. I don't normally like Disney movies, but this one was just awesome! I can't wait to tell Denali I saw a movie about her great grandpa. If you own a Thoroughbred you can too since I'm pretty sure his blood probably runs through most of them.

In other news, the husband comes back from Alaska tomorrow. Welcome back honey! I wonder how long until I can drag him to the barn?


Leah Fry said...

Thanks for sharing that trailer. Mr. Fry and I rarely go to movies because neither of us is willing to burn a half a day to drive there, watch all the BS, watch the movie and drive home. We usually just wait until they make it to TV.

Don't know about Warmbloods, but hanging out with the Stonewalls and Sugarbush Drafts gives me a healthy respect for an animal that size. Grooming them is a lot like real work.

Anonymous said...

I saw the preview for the Secretariat movie and want to see it too.

I saw all of Secretariat's races that were televised live on TV in 1972 and 1973 (I'm dating myself!), and also had the unbelievable experience of visiting Secretariat in 1989 when I was pregnant with my older daughter - this was the same year he died at a fairly young age of laminitis, I believe - the groom got him out of the paddock, led him up to us and let me stand next to him and touch him on the shoulder! (He was much sweeter than any of the other stallions and had impeccable manners.) Having actually touched Secretariat is one of my most important life experiences and always will be.

goodtimetoreview said...

SOOO Jealous that you saw the movie!! I've been waiting forever to see that!! One of the horses used in the movie was from our track here in ND. I am kicking myself that I didn't enter pictures of Pinecone when they were doing casting for the movie. My little monster looks more like Secretariat than the horse from around here did! Ugh still incrediablly jealous! we were just talking that when it comes out all the girls from the barn are going to go see it together!

Miles On Miles said...

Oh god I'm such a sap...I started tearing up at the end of the trailer! Dang horse movies...I may have to see this one by myself:) Thanks for sharing!