Friday, November 11, 2011

27+ hours, 500 miles, $130 in gas

So we're back!

We left work yesterday at 6pm and started our barn checking out trip. I'm glad that we did, it was fun to get away with my husband even though I was an anxious, nervous wreck the entire time. We got to our hotel around 9pm.

I wish I would have taken a photo of our hotel room. I have not laughed so hard in a while. We had the "mini suite."  We opened the door to the room, and yes, it had two beds....two twin beds! I proceeded to call my husband Ricky (as in Ricky Richardo) all night and we were in bed by 10. We left the next morning to drive the hour to the first barn.

The first barn is in Eastern Washington. That's one thing I love about Washington state. You can go from the beach, through the rain forest, through the mountains, to the high desert. The first barn was in the desert. Little rain and a lot of sunshine. That was it's main selling point for me. The woman was so nice, and so knowledgeable. The horses looked great, and everyone seemed really happy. We left there feeling like, "Yes, I could send Denali to live there."

Then we started our 4 hour drive to the next barn. We had to drive over a higher pass through the Cascade Mountain Range. It was snowing and there was some road work. We got to the barn right around 4 o'clock. It was really nice. She has 28 acres, and the property is right on a river in the shadow of Mount Rainer.  The property owner showed me around and introduced me to who she hopes will be Denali's new friend. She's an older OTTB who gets picked on by the other horses. I told the woman that either A. Denali will take her under her wing and protect her with every ounce of her being, or B. Denali will make it her job to end Duchess' life on this earth. I never can tell. I think it will be fine...hopefully. *gulp*

The barn has stalls with runs off of them. I like the idea of Denali being able to come in if she wants to, and be able to stay out if she wants to. I think that will help her anxiety a lot. During the winter she and Duchess will be turned out in the hay field. It's HUGE and flat. In the summer they will be in a really long run. It reminded me of a football field, cut in half the long way. I told her that we'd take it. She was really laid back about everything, which makes me nervous, but I think I need that. She was also HILARIOUS. I love sarcastic people being one myself.

There are a load of trails around and one down to the river. I think Denali would like going down to play in the water. There is also NO MUD. There was some wet ground by the gates, but it wasn't muddy. She said the soil is sandy, and drains really well.

 The caretaker has vet tech experience and her best friend lives 10 minutes away AND is the vet. Good to know. This barn is only an hour and a half drive. Much better than the four hour drive of the other barn. I hope I'm making the right choice. So now to figure out how to get her there. I need to hire a hauler, but need to wait to see what day the other new boarder is showing up. Any suggestions of something I can give her for the trailer ride? I think I'm going to need more drugs than she is!!


eventer79 said...

Exciting! Sounds like a great place and will be sending Denali non-duchess-killing-vibes. Can you just ace her for the trailer ride? Give it about an hour before you want to load. Then give yourself some Xanax, LOL.

Ruffles said...

It sounds like the perfect place for her!! :) I'm sure she'll love it.
Good luck for the trip.

achieve1dream said...

Aww the place sounds perfect. I love that the caretaker was a vet tech and the best friend is a vet. That's awesome! I've never had to ship a horse with D's trailer issues, so I don't really have advice on sedatives.