Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, I don't know how many haulers I've called over the past three day. Regardless, not one has gotten back to me. Not one. How long does it normally take to hear back from haulers? I've always had friends haul for me, but after last November, and me traumatizing Pia's mom, I stopped. I think it's safer for everyone involved if the person who hauls her has no emotional attachment to me, or Denali.

Also, I talked to my doctor today. HA! She won't give me Xanax. BOO!!  She told me that I have PTSD, and need to go talk to someone, and drugging myself won't help unless I talk to someone first. Sometimes my doctor is a little to blunt, but that's why I like her....I guess. She's been my doctor for 7 years. I still want the drugs.

Hopefully I have this figured out this week (horse, not drugs.)


Promise said...

If the haulers happen to be on the road, it could take them a little longer to get back to you. When I moved Promise to Florida, it sometimes took the hauler (info below) a couple of days to get back to me because he was on the road.

Try Fairway Horse Transport -- if he's in the area, I'm sure he'd be happy to help -- or maybe he knows someone who can. www.fairwayhorsetransport.com

Kate said...

Lol, I suppose it wouldn't be bad to have both figured out... Its good that yuo've got a good doctor there; it'd be better for them to just give you the drugs, but clearly she cares more than that.

Nicku said...

I've used haulers quite a bit, you usually hear back in 24 hours, 48 at the most in my experience. Think it's smart to go pro :) Good luck finding sedatives, if it doesnt work you can always try spilling ACE all over yourself like I did by accident over the weekend, talk about loopy! LOL!

achieve1dream said...

LOL Your doc won't give you a valium or something? Just for one day? I agree that you need to talk to someone about the PTSD, but I think the doc should prescribe something for the trip. I haven't used haulers so I can't help you there. Sorry!