Tuesday, November 29, 2011

War Horse

Guess who has a ticket to go see an advanced screening? This girl! I'm pretty excited (mostly because I haven't been to the movies in forever.) The owner of GWB's husband had them pinned up in the barn on Sunday. My friend and I acted like little kids I think when we took them. Actually, the owner of the GWB is currently in CA getting ready to ride in the National Dressage Symposium. A friend of mine went with her to help groom, and when they got there the first horse she saw was Ravel. Drool. We've been messaging her, trying to talk her into getting nice and close and taking pictures. She said she didn't want to embarrass our friend, and another friend of mine agreed that is why she got to go and we are back here at work. (If you followed that.) Ha. I think it's kind of cool that one of the horses I wrangle is the National Champion for 4 year olds. Look where a Craigslist ad get me!

In other news, there is no news, which is good I guess. I'm still checking out horses to ride, but think that I might just take two lessons a week instead. That is about how much time I have to really ride, and I think I will learn a lot faster. We'll see. I'm still suppose to go out and try out the big guy at the barn.

Also, I don't know if I mentioned it on here (Denali gets PISSED if I mention anything other than her) but my husband and I started to foster cats. What's the next logical step? Write a blog about it!


WishIHadAHorsey said...

You crack me up! We just took in our 4th, a stray little boy with a nearly embedded collar and his bones showing. I think he is around 4 months old and will have his first vet visit this afternoon. Can't wait to read up on your adventures herding cats~

achieve1dream said...

Another blog!! Yay!!

I'm so happily envious you get to go see War Horse. I'm dying to see it. :) Let us know how it is without giving away any details please.

I think just having lessons for a while might be good for you. It will give you a chance to ride and work on your confidence without the stress of having to care for a horse (outside of the lesson). It's worth a shot!

Now I'm off to read about your new foster kitties!

Net said...

Ooh! I'm behind in my reading, and just saw this. That was a mighty nice horse, and fits the name GW! Scott Hassler made references to big horses during the ride.
Too bad you couldn't go to the Symposium - it was my first time, and we don't have that caliber of horses around here. Very neat to see.