Friday, November 18, 2011

T -36 hours

I took today off from work. I had to go to a doctor's appointment for my allergies and then Ophie's mom became Dr. Ophie's mom! She got her doctorate in Neurobiology (correct me if I'm wrong.) I think I knew what 4 of the words were in her title. :)

During her defense I got a phone call from the hauler. He called to say that he could haul her down this Sunday. Instantly I went into panic mode (and have been there ever since.) I panicked and told him NO that I wanted to wait until next Sunday. Then I thought about it and realized that really, this Sunday is much better. I have most of next week off, so if something happens I can run down to her. I called my vet, and the caretaker to see if this worked for them. The caretaker said she'd prefer this weekend too. Gulp.

I have so many emotions running through my head. I'm a nervous wreck. I realize that many of you don't see the big deal. This is a huge deal for me. I have never been this far from her. I am "officially" retiring Denali to a life of green pastures and friends to keep her company. I wish she could be closer to us, but the closer to Seattle you get the more expensive it gets.

The vet had her final appointment with Denali. She said that overall Denali looks good, and that she will really miss her. I will miss her too! I know that I'll still see her, but she saved Denali's life and for that I am forever grateful. I'm just afraid that something will happen to Denali and that I won't be able to make it to her. At least 63 miles is closer than 183 miles.

Think good, safe trailer rides and non-Duchess killing thoughts!! We need them. I need a stiff drink.


Ruffles said...

My fingers are crossed!! I'm sure everything will go well.

Andrea said...

<3 Stay strong girl. We're here for you.

Muddy K said...

I won't tell you not to panic, but just want to remind you that every day, Denali lives and is her Nawlers self, and sometimes you see her and sometimes you don't, but you have given her the only thing she ever really wanted, a way out of Hell. That's what she asked for way back then, didn't she? Job so well done.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Praying that everything goes SMOOTHLY today and you find peace in what you are doing for your Princess Mare!! :) I don't know if this gives you comfort, but I boarded Laz for almost 3 yrs 59 miles away from me. It's doable when you want to see. I know your 63 is longer than mine due to geography, etc BUT I just wanted you to feel it's not THAT far. xoxoxo

appydoesdressage said...

Hoping all went well today, good wishes were sent so I hope you got them!

achieve1dream said...

It will be okay, but I do understand your worry. I'm the same way with Chrome. :) Sending good trailer thoughts for you both.