Monday, November 14, 2011

After our whirlwind of a Friday I was exhausted most of the weekend. Saturday I ended up going into the Doctor's because my left knee kept popping out of place and eventually it happened with every step. Boo. I think at this point I can just diagnose myself. I have some syndrome (of which I'm too lazy to google to spell it correctly.) Long story short ligaments swell and it causes the knee cap to dislocate when I walk. SO, instead of working at the Giant Warmblood Barn and having my riding lesson I was suppose to "take it easy."


I did call off at GWB (with more than 24 hours notice AND a replacement) and left a message at the lesson barn. I was a bit bummed and was looking forward to my lesson. Sunday morning I woke up and was feeling really anxious. I hadn't seen Denali in a week and after spending the week trying to figure out what's best for her I was feeling a bit stressed. I talked to Ophie's mom and we planned our first "Tour de' Barn" in a while. We went out to see Denali first. She looked oh so good! She's so happy, which of course makes me feel guilty, and the "what ifs" start to flood my brain which of course makes me an anxious, nervous wreck. (I e-mailed my Doctor to ask her if she'd prescribe xanax, lol.)

After visiting with Denali and giving her the apples I brought her I wished her a "Happy You Almost Killed Me a Year Ago Today" and we were on our way. We stopped down at the barn to say hi to one of the caretakers and I told her that I found retirement board for Nawlers. I still have NO idea of when we're moving her. I haven't heard from the woman (which in turn stresses me out.) I keep reminding myself that I'm only moving Denali to save some money, and the worst thing that is happening right now is me spending money. The world will not end. Still, if the one barn doesn't work out and I need to start my search again, I'm going to be sad. The woman is very laid back, and I don't want to drive her nuts, BUT GAH! It's SO HARD!

We drove the 63 miles (no joke) from Denali's barn to Ophie's barn. Ophelia was running around in her paddock when we turned up. She's such a pretty girl. I got to meet two horses that were just imported from Germany and showed up yesterday. God I wish I had that kind of money. I promise I'd be generous with it. They were beautiful of course.

Ophie has been taking lessons from Denali on how to get out of work. Her mom just road her lightly, but she was a good girl of course. It was fun to go barn hoping with Ophie's mom. I miss our daily barn trips. I miss being at a social barn, with people to hang out with. I haven't had that in over a year really. It's also nice because there is no drama.

In other news Green n' Green = Black n' Blue had it's 100,000 visitor sometime since yesterday! WOW! Thank you everyone who reads this blog, you amaze me! I have the best readers EVER. Also, this morning I picked up Andrea's gift that I commissioned. It is pretty much the most amazing thing EVER! I hope she loves it. It's KILLING ME to not put a picture of it up here. KILLING ME! Those of you who donated will have your name added to the card that I send her. I haven't done that part yet, and it will probably come second to this gift.


SprinklerBandit said...

Lots to catch up on! Sounds like you've found a great place for her. Hope all goes well from here on out. :-)

achieve1dream said...

I hope the barn works out. Maybe she's just busy getting the other boarder settled in.

I feel bad that I couldn't donate for Andrea's gift. :( My husband could possibly lose his unemployment and then I don't know how we're gonna pay the bills, so I can't spend any money right now. I hope she understands how much I care and I wish I could help. You're so awesome for doing this for her. :)