Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am a true believe that things happen for a reason. I never use to think that, but the more that time goes on the more that I am convinced that there is someone watching over me (and sometimes I fell like they're fucking with me.) I have spent the past week in tears. I think it's an automatic reaction to last November. I just hate November. Thank you for your kind words. This totally, 100% sucks.

This week is one of those weeks. The person who contacted me about Denali MIGHT not work out. I have had enough people tell me "don't"  that I am obviously worried. I left Denali while I was in Denmark and she was left in a a stall for the majority of 4 months. I don't want that to happen. They all told me that they have no fear of her harming Denali, but that they'd still not do it. It all was for personal reasons, but not horse care-taking reasons. I can deal with crazy, as long as the horse is taken care of, but still. I am going to check it out anyway. Even if it's a wasted trip.

So, me being me, once I make a decision I need to go with it. I decided to look into real retirement board for Denali. That makes sense. I can ship her off somewhere a little dryer and she will be happy, I will be paying less (which is the one thing that stresses me out the most), and we both get a break. Then maybe in a few years, when we move from Seattle, I will be ready to be her leader. I will still look for that "perfect" home for her, but let's be honest. Broken TB mares are a dime a dozen. I have two additional places that I'm going to try to see on Friday. That totals almost 9 hours in the car round trip. DAMN HORSE! I just can't ship her off somewhere without looking at it myself.

Does anyone know of an easy way to search for Retirement board? I want her in WA state for now. I need to be able to check up on her.


Barbara said...

Do the people who are telling you not to send Denali to this woman know her, either personally or her reputation and they are telling you it would be bad for the horse?
Or are they just telling you that THEY would not give up THEIR horse no matter what and that you should keep pouring money and energy at a problem that you can't solve?

Do what is right for you and Denali.

Re: retirement homes, I would only do it if it was close enough to check on easily and regularly, and that sounds like what you are doing.

Sand. said...

This might seemed like an insensitive question, but it's not meant to be. I could probably scroll back through a hundred or more posts and learn the answer, but I thought I'd ask it anyway. Perhaps things have changed...

Have you looked into any sort of coaching program that would help you overcome your fear of Denali? From what I understand, you love her, can't bear to part with her, but at the same time are too scared to successfully ride or handle her.

There's a lot of coaches out there that deal specifically with this issue. Riders ALL THE TIME are in situations which leave them with a fear of horses and riding. I myself suffered a severe head injury at the hoof of a horse.

But it CAN get better with the horse that did it. I mean, the logical side of you must be aware that you're dealing with animal instinct, not malice towards you. So now you need someone to guide you through a program to rebuild the self-belief that was lost. With someone finding the best way to do things so that you overcome your fears, and that can be there onsite to take you forward, you CAN move beyond this. I'm serious about that. From a girl that got back on the horse that split her skull open a year later, and rode him at a canter around the polo field.

I know it costs money, but surely less then fancy board at the vet's place or keeping a horse in a field that you're not even using.

Just a thought. I've been there, and I know you can get through it, if there's someone there to help you.

And again, not trying to be mean. Just trying to explore options.

- Me.

Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

I'm sure you may have this link already in the unapproved comments, but have you looked here?


(Blog and website for same place)

They're in middle Tennessee which is, from experience, a bit more even climate than the eastern part of the state (where I'm from), and the former writer for the Fugly Blog had one of her mares there until she passed away (at age 30).

They even do temporary retirement, so she could go out, be a horse, and you could get your confidence back.

And, there is the blog, so you could keep an eye on her. Melissa and Jason post very regularly.

As for pricing, I don't know, I have to say. But they might be worth a shot.

You could also possibly speak to this blogger, as she has three of her horses there now: http://ayearwithhorses.blogspot.com/

Wishing you the best of luck. *huge hugs*

Drillrider said...

Better safe than sorry. If you are getting lots of warnings, I'd be very, very careful. Most people do not say negative things without a reason, especially if you hear it from several sources.

My experience has always been it is far WORSE than people say when you hear negative things and people are "sugar coating" it so you don't think they are a whiner, snitch, back biter, etc., etc.

If you do board with that woman, have an iron clad contract to protect yourself and Denali because we all know you've been through enough.

Nicku said...

So tough. I'm so sorry. I have had to rehome 2 injured horses. I think the best situation is getting out of ownership of her entirely vs. retirement board but I can sympathize that it's very tough to do so without knowing the home is a really good one. There is a definite element off guilt and powerlessness when you rehome a horse you love. Will continue to think very positive, good thoughts for the place you're looking at.

SprinklerBandit said...

Uh oh. Red flags are meant to be noticed. I wish I had a cool place in mind, but I don't know the WA boarding scene at all. Hugs to you and D and best wishes for Friday.

Laura M said...

OK...so this is WAY far away from where you want, but to give you hope great retirement places for horses do exist! This place is called Camp Rusk, it is in Texas. I considered sending my mare there previously(but now my Mom works with her)so I am on the email list. Yes, that's right they send emails with pictures and updates on the horses. It is so awesome what these people are doing. They also have a cottage type place for people from out of state so they can come stay with their retired horse from time to time. Here is the website...http://www.camprusk.com/About_Me.html

Once Upon an Equine said...

It is a difficult decision. I've had to make a similar one when I re-homed a horse. Sometimes it is the best thing for the horse and the owner. Good luck with your travels to check out the possible homes. I hope one of them works out well for both you and Denali.

Ashley said...

I so wish my place wasn't across the entire nation from you. it'd be perfect for her!

Muddy K said...

You are, well, possibly the finest person on the planet. You and your mare are bonded forever, your fear and hers notwithstanding. I think you are right to drive over the mountain with your husband and see for yourself. Because...despite the twists and bends of the story between you and D, your instincts for her have always rung true. None of us can judge it any better than you, nor should we. If it doesn't sit right with you, then it won't be right for Denali. If it's a retirement farm she needs, then one will emerge. If all of your readers need to give you five bucks a month to help pay that bill, then count me in. It's a done deal, and you know I'm good for it.

lmel said...

Good luck finding a place for Denali. Have you tried OTTB rescue organizations? I can't imagine how hard it must be to realize you need to find her a new place. I wish I was closer and could give her a home.

achieve1dream said...

I'm sorry this one may not work out. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.